Almost every Windows operating system users have utilized Internet Download Manager for downloading their files, programs, songs, video and etc for their personal along with professional use. It is free for use and comes with 30 day free trial having the full features for having the complete access to the application. The user has to purchase for making it premium and continuing the accessibility of IDM on its system. It has easy to use interface and no difficulty is there in downloading the files through it, having a good speed of downloading many people prefer it as there downloading option.

It has various browsers running on the system like Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more making the user to have wider utility of the application despite of the fact that the user has a single browser on which might the application not work. You can use the brilliant speed offered by the application for the system and get the video streaming on a site downloaded through it. It has support to various protocol servers such as HTTP, FTP and various others allowing you have the approach to the several content of the World Wide Web.

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Resuming the Failed or Broken Downloads in IDM:

Sometimes during downloading the files through IDM we incur the problem of broken file and failed to download it along with the pop-up message. It is annoying as after reaching a certain percentage, the downloading process failed along with the message ‘Do you want to download the file from beginning’ makes the user angry. We have got a solution to it despite downloading it from beginning, you can resume the download. Here are the steps for resume failed or broken downloads in IDM. You will surely get help through the steps given below for providing you the solution of the problem.

Internet Downloada

Step 1:

The problem/error is caused due to many factors, it may be server fault or you must have paused it. Open the file to be downloaded in your browser and download it again, then select ‘download it later’.

Step 2:

Open the Internet Download Manager, then click on the file which has been selected ‘download it later’. Copy the address field through holding the Ctrl + C from there.


Step 3:

Double click on the file not resuming and paste the copied address on the field from where you copied it before.

Step 4:

On the IDM window select the file and click on resume, it will start again from the point it stopped.

The above steps will help you in resuming the failed or broken downloads in Internet Download Manager, allowing you to  move ahead without starting again the whole downloading process.  It will acknowledge you that what to do in future if the problem arises again and making the application to work more properly.

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How to Resume Failed or Broken Downloads in IDM
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