We all use Amazon for doing shopping and is a popular e-commerce site due to the features, characteristics etc offered by them to the people accessing the service. Other than providing great e-commerce service the company has distinct division for doing the research and development, recently Amazon launched and showcased the world its first 3D-enabled smartphone Amazon Fire Phone. Amazon Fire Phone is the offering by the company in the smartphone industry running on their own mobile operating system Fire OS. The company tried to make a mark in the smartphone industry through the offering made to the people.

Amazon Fire Phone offers the people some brilliant and unique for aiding them to get an unusual experience through the smartphone. The phone has four front facing camera and gyroscope through which it can keep track of user’s movement. Amazon Fire Phone works on the forked version of Android operating system naming Fire OS the latest version of Fire OS is based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The Fire OS has some development to make it differ from Android like the user interface and etc. Like Android operating system running devices Amazon Fire Phone can be rooted and customized just as you want it to.


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Rooting Amazon Fire Phone with Towelroot:

As the base of Fire OS is Android, it makes the mobile operating system to be capable of being rooted. Through the root the Amazon Fire Phone users will be able to tweak the operating system to perform the sideload of Google Play Store and access its services on their device. There are certain things that we all know about rooting a device as it may harm your device anything goes so perform it if you eagerly want to.

Some things are to be done before going to the rooting process:

  1. Make sure that you have charged your phone to 60% as it is important to do so.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on your device which is as same you enable in on Android device.
  3. You have to install the required USB Drivers.
  4. Setup ADB on your system and backup the data present on the phone.
  5. You will need Fire 3.5 OS version to perform the root, if you don’t have the version then see below:
  • Download Fire OS 3.5 firmware for here
  • Rename the downloaded bin file with update.bin for easiness
  • Reboot the device in recovery mode by pressing Volume Up + Down button at the same time.
  • In recovery menu you have to select Apply Update from ADB option for flashing the bin file with the help of ADB commands.
  • Connect the device to the system with a USB Cable and open CMD in the folder where the update.bin is there.
  • Type adb sideload update.bin to flash the update.bin on the device.
  • After the flashing process is completed then perform a factory reset and perform the reboot of the device.

towelroot app

Now you have to get the TowelRoot application from the link provided here. Download of the application will be completed in a second and open it after the download has completed. On the application you have to just click on the option make it ra1n for performing the root of your device. After the root device will restart assuring the process of rooting is completed.


Root Amazon Fire Phone with Just One Click using Towelroot Tool (How to)
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