HTC has recently launched the successor of its popular high end smartphone HTC One M7 with HTC One M8. Basically it’s an improved version of M7 with plenty of noticeable changes inside. The phone has got a new designed with a complete different look. The device look pretty handy and gives you a good experience altogether. In this short period, the phone already got a new custom ROM update. If you wish to make a change to your device, do follow the below tutorial about how to root HTC One M8 & Install TWRP Recovery on it. 

HTC One M8

Note : 

Rooting an Android device voids the warranty of your device. You are requested to do rooting of your device under a technical person’s guidance. We are not the responsible persons if there comes any unwanted outcomes after following the below process.

Prerequisites :

  • User should take proper backup of your device data, contacts, logs, settings and everything
  • Charge your battery up to 80%
  • Download and install proper USB drivers of your device
  • Make sure to enable USB debugging of your device
  • Download essential files to your desktop to fetch them out properly

How to Root HTC One M8 & Install TWRP Recovery

Step 1 :

Download Fastboot zip from the following link.

Download Fastboot Zip for HTC One M8

Step 2 :

Extract the downloaded Fastboot Zip file.

Step 3 :

Now, download the TWRP Recovery files on your PC. You can get it from the following given link. If it’s in Zip format, you need to extract the file to the Fastboot folder, downloaded in the first step. There would be five files into the Fastboot Folder.

Download TWRP Recovery for HTC One M8 

Step 4 :

Power off your device and go to the bootloader menu of your device. Press down volume down and power button simultaneously, when something appears release the button. You would see a bootloader menu on your device.

Step 5 :

Select Fastboot Option by using volume up and down keys, to confirm press Power button.

Step 6 :

Now you have to connect your HTC One M8 to your PC. All the proper USB drivers on the device will be installed properly itself.

Step  7 :

Go to Fastboot folder on your PC and press and hold the Shift button on your Keyboard. At the same time right click on the White space of the page and select Open Command Window Here option. Command prompt will be there now.

Step  8 :

Enter the following command on the cmd line of the Command Prompt :

fastboot devices

Hit the enter button and you’ll be moved to a next step.

Step 9 :

Enter the following command into the next cmd line

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Step 10 :

Recovery process will take place and completes itself. CMD will displays a confirmation message. After getting this, you can disconnect your device now.

Step 11 :

Use volume Keys to select HBOOT option by using power button.

Step 12 :

Select RECOVERY option from the menu to check whether the recovery is installed or not. Your phone should boot into Recovery Mode by now, which means you have successfully installed Recovery to your device.

Step 13 :

After this, you can select Reboot option, the Phone will be Reboot itself by now into a normal mode.

That’s all you have to do for now. You have successfully installed TWRP Recovery to your HTC One M8 device. By now, your device will allow you install any custom ROM to your device.

How to Root HTC One M8 & Install TWRP Recovery
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