Samsung is a leading household electronics and popular among the people due to smartphones produced by them running on Android operating system developed by Google having some brilliant features making the people to have a great time. The company holds more shares in the smartphone market as compared to any other competitor showcasing the majority of devices formulated by it and used by the public in a large number. Samsung provides people to enjoy and have a great time while using the developed smartphones and tablets which packed with characteristics offered within them.

The company offers people their developed software to interlink the Windows or Mac operating system desktop with manufactured Samsung phones and tablets through the USB Cable which acts like a connection establishment medium between the both devices naming Kies. The name is generally the short form of ‘Key Intuitive Easy System’ and used to be quoted as K.I.E.S which changed to Kies discontinuing the former. The software is basically out there in two forms one which is a full version and second one which is Kies Mini version. The both versions are there for separate functions as the Kies full version offers more functionality as to Kies Mini version which is only there to update the device’s Android operating system.


Features of Samsung Kies:

  • Backup your Samsung Android device in your computer or laptop for safeguarding it.
  • Perform the transfer of data whether multimedia content or certain documents without any problem/trouble.
  • Update the Android operating system to latest one on your device and get the latest features to enjoy using the device.
  • Master the library of your device by managing the music and other related content through it.

Samsung Kies Offline Installer for Windows:

Samsung Kies is available for Windows operating system to simplify various workings related to the Samsung smartphones and tablets. The software is a must have for Samsung device users to manage and function the working of the device.

Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies Offline Installer for Windows

Steps of Installing Samsung Kies Offline Installer:

Step 1:

Download the file from the link provided above on your desktop. The link given is safe for performing the download operation and will not hamper the security along with the working of the system.

Step 2:

After the download process is completed then install the file on your system. Install the app on the desktop which will require a minute or two to finish. Open the app after the installation is completed and you will be able to exercise the operations through it.

Step 3:

Connect your Samsung device with USB cable and let the app recognize the device. Then select the function which you want to perform with the help of Kies and do that without any trouble.


Now enjoy the Samsung Kies with the features and benefits offered for making you to have a great time.


Samsung Kies Offline Installer Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & XP
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