WhatsApp is the instant messaging application present almost on every smartphone whether it is an Android OS, iOS, Asha or etc mobile operating system, showcasing the popularity of the application among the people around the globe. Recently seeing the growing all over recognition and popularity of the application Facebook purchased the application for about $ 19 billion and made it a part of its company. People have numerous reasons for using WhatsApp whether it being its simplicity, using experience of the application.

WhatsApp has made a significant remark in about five years being launched in 2009 on various operating system platforms. The founders of WhatsApp were Jam Koum and Brian Acton, the former workers of renowned search engine Yahoo! started the application with an efficient and talented team consisting 55 members with an aim of providing a better text messaging app to the people. More and new members are daily getting included in the app ecosystem and connecting people through the application. There are some basics not known to the new members who are going to use the application on their smartphone. One of them is downloading and saving the Profile Picture.


Saving/Downloading the WhatsApp Profile Picture on Smartphone:

There are various ways of downloading and saving the profile picture on WhatsApp as the application has several platforms on which people use and access it.

Saving/Download the WhatsApp Profile Picture on Android:

Android is a known operating system used by several people and it is developed by Google. You can download the profile picture on Android through these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp application on your Android device and go to your conversation with the person whose profile picture is to be downloaded by you.
  • Tap on the green bar on which the name of the contact is there.

Whatsapp contact

  • After this tap on the picture present next to his name and profile pic will opened.
  • The profile picture will automatically get download in your device and it can seen in File Manager>WhatsApp>Profile Pictures with the number of the contact.

Saving/Download WhatsApp Profile Picture on iOS:

iOS is a brilliant operating system and offers many features to people for having a great experience. You can download the profile picture on your iOS device, through these steps:

  • Open the Chat of the contact whose profile picture is to be downloaded. Tap on the name header.
  • Select the picture present on the top along with the contact name; it will download the picture in your device.

Whatsapp ios

  • For seeing the downloaded profile picture, open My Files and WhatsApp folder, where the Profile Pictures folder will be with the saved profile picture.

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