There are various screenshot capturing present on Android market for enabling the person to click a photo of the working taking place on it to save and share the contents of the page captured with the app. These applications perform their work efficiently and properly allowing the person to capture the contents of the page you want to save and share with others. Sometimes a screenshot is not sufficient enough to showcase the whole content that the person wants to share and make visible to others. The screenshots become more than the number you want to capture, in spite of that you can record the whole content through an application.

SCR Screen Recorder Pro is an application allowing the smartphone user to record the current page on your device into a good quality video enabling the user to have more content capture in comparison of screenshots. It uses the hardware accelerating video encoding process to work on and give a best screen recording. SCR Screen Recorder Pro requires a rooted device to work on efficiently and perform its function as the user wants. It is a free application doing the things as the person wants it to perform.


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Features of SCR Screen Recorder Pro:

  • You can record the video in high quality for making the content to be visually clear to the person who has recorded.
  • With the help of the app you can record the video to an unlimited extent on your device.
  • Works only on rooted device as the device will able the app to work fluently and functioning to its best.
  • The app is a great way of collecting as much content in a single file in order to make sure that the content is not divided.
  • Working out of the box to make the user to experience the diverse way of capturing files on the Android smartphone and tablets.


SCR Screen Recorder Pro Download:

The application is a cool way of capturing content other than just clicking the screenshots and making more than the required number to get the whole page. SCR Screen Recorder Pro is available for Android operating system and enables the smartphone users to record the video on your device without any problem and trouble having a great quality efficient enough to be shared with others on various platforms.

SCR Screen

SCR Screen Recording Pro APK Download

Steps for Installing SCR Screen Recorder Pro:

Step 1:

You can download the APK file from the link given above on your desktop; the link provided is secure and will not infect the system with any malicious content.

Step 2:

After the download finishes, transfer the APK file from your desktop to the Android smartphone through a USB cable for making the transmit process faster.

Screen Record

Step 3:

Now search for the transmitted file on your smartphone and tap on it for starting the download process on the device.

Step 4:

The installation will be over after a couple of seconds then open the application from the App manager of the device to use it.


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