Many people encounter the problem when they try to send the large files online as they are restricted to do so due to unavailability of resources along with the size limit given for uploading the file on the internet. The email service allows the person to send the files as attachments but the size limit specified makes unable to do so. Largely people send the basic files and keep the rest ones stored in their system.

There are multiple files which we want to send at a particular time and for sending them online various sites ask to login or create an account to achieve the purpose. But we have listed some site allowing you to send big or large files online without any login or account setup, aiding you to transfer the files without any sort of problem or trouble.


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Sending Big or Large Files Online: Top 10 Websites:

  • WeTransfer:

    WeTransfer is an online website allowing you to upload the desired files on a server and copy the link. The copied link will serve as the download link for the person you have received the link from where he/she can download the file on the system. Allowing a large 2GB space for performing the upload which is removed from the site after a regular interval.


  • JustBeamIt:

    Concerned about the privacy of the files that has to be sent, with the help of the peer-to-peer medium one can send the file to a person. JustBeamIt doesn’t keep the uploaded files there on the server and allows others to download it from the computer directly. To make it work the window of the file owner should be open till the other has not completed the download.


  • Dropbox:

    No need to say about Dropbox as many people know about it that being a cloud storage service there is a large limit on the file size allowing you upload without any trouble. After the upload just send the link to the person and the link will allow to download the file uploaded on it. It is a popular means of sharing and sending file from one person to another.


  • SendSpace:

    SendSpace is popular among the public due to the innovative and unique drag and drop feature of the site. Through the 30 day free trial you can send large files and manage them with the user friendly interface present on it.


  • Filemail:

    Filemail is a widely acknowledged platform of sending messages along with attachments. The attachments can be up to 30GB in size allowing the user to share big files present on their computer. The file limit serves as the great thing to be providing benefit to the user and aid them to perform the working easily along with the comfort.


  • DropSend:

    Through this you can send any file of whatever content to one or more than one people along with a message. The service offered by DropSend is fast, simple as well as secure to perform the function without any trouble. Allowing you to send the files with the ensured 256-bit AES Security.


  • MailBigFile:

    MailBigFile is quick option allowing you to send files to the other person about 2GB in size and upload it multiple times at the particular time. The user interface is not quite good allowing the person accessing the service to encounter some issues.


  • Hightail:

    Want the storage to be large then use Hightail as it offers you to store 2GB sized files on it and send them in part to people with no problem. Hightail offers the user to encrypt the data for securing it and allowing the user to remotely access the service from the desktop and mobile.


  • File Dropper:

    File Dropper is a good alternative for people who just want to upload and send their large files to others. With a limit of 5GB you can upload it and keep it there on the servers of the site like forever.


  • Humyo:

    First thing you need to know that it offers a humongous 10GB space which is free of cost. The large is split into various small parts to allow them to be send easily and without any problem. Humyo is a great choice if you want to send a file larger than 2GB.


How to Send Big or Large Files Online – Top 10 Websites
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