Emails serve as the great medium of communicating and connecting with people where they can send messages about information. There are various email clients where you can sign up and use the site for sending along with receiving messages with other people. It has became one of the popular and widely used communication tool between business due to the features and characteristics offered by it to them making them to communicate instantly without experiencing any sort of trouble or problem while using it along with delivering the message with clarity as expected.

Sometimes we have to send the colleagues, people information which is sensitive in nature requiring the secrecy and security for the content present in it. The information can be hacked and intercepted by some people making it the sensitive to be acknowledged by people who may use it to provide harm to sender along with receiver. You can avoid the interception and send the private information/message to the person through email through send encrypted emails with your email account. Encrypted emails are a great medium of sending files and content which is to be delivered to a specific individual/group. Here we have some sites offering you to access them to send encrypted emails without any problem or trouble to the receiver.


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Sending Encrypted Emails in Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc:

  • SafeGmail:

    It is a basically an extension for the people who use Google Chrome enabling you to mail the message (Email) to anybody without worrying about the security of the message. The message is encrypted through the extension and the receiver can only decrypt it if it has the SafeGmail extension.


  • SendInc:

    SendInc is an online service that enables the person to mail the message safely and easy to use. The service is accessible for free of cost and is efficient in functioning which encrypts the email from within the site you can send the email. The site itself doesn’t copy or save the composed message and generates a key which on entering decrypts the message.


  • Lockbin:

    Through the strong encryption algorithm the site encrypts the mail and generates a password through which the mail gets locked. Lockbin is a great way of encrypting the mail and ensuring the security for both sender and receiver. The main feature of the service is that the sender can choose the password on his will and preference.


  • RMail:

    Send your message the assurance of security allowed and offered by it which secures the mail along with the contents present in it. It delivers the encrypted mail with the performance and efficiency as expected by you.


  • Mailvelope:

    Mailvelope is another encryption providing add-on available for browser which allows you encrypt the mail whether using Gmail or Yahoo Mail without any problem and minimizing the level of threat posed to the mail. The add-on is simple to use and without performing long processes you can secure your mail.


How to Send Encrypted Emails in Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc
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