Almost everyone knows about Android Operating System and has seen the working along the experience offered by Google through the operating system. The operating system has millions of application and games for Android OS users giving them to have a brilliant using time on their smartphone. Android has made about 55% of the smartphone market share in the globe. Many companies like Samsung, LG and Sony etc, choose Android as their first choice for the operating system to be present in their smartphones.

Smartphone offers the people to store a large amount of files in it for keeping them for use and time coming in future. The files kept in the storage can be transferred from one device and to another. There are many ways of transferring these files from one smartphone to another and the choice of the medium for transferring depends upon the preference and speed for transferring of the mediums. Wi-Fi transfer is a fast way of transferring files from one device to another. It helps the transfer of huge files to complete in a couple of minutes and saves the time through its efficiency.


Applications for Transferring Files on Android Smartphone to Another via Wi-Fi

There are many applications present in the Android ecosystem for transferring files and data using the fast medium of transfer i.e. Wi-Fi. The applications are listed below which recognized and are efficient in their work:

  • Fast File Transfer:

    Fast File Transfer is an application present for sharing data and files with the speed of Wi-Fi. This application stays in control when huge files are transferred and shared between the smartphones. The application is popular and its efficiency can be judged through the fact that it has been downloaded by almost 1 million people for their smartphones. Fast File Transfer on Google Play Store is a brilliant 4.1 rating.

Fast file

  • Super Beam:

    Super Beam is a popular and widely used for the features offered by it. The application uses the Wi-Fi direct for transferring and sending files from one device to another. It ensures the safety of the device paired through the application by QR codes and sharing key generated during the transfer. You can transfer any type of file/data through Super Beam in fast and less time.


  • Wi-Fi Shoot:

    Thinking of an application which has fewer formalities during the process of transfer and sharing of files, you can use Wi-Fi Shoot offering you to share files between two Android devices through Wi-Fi direct in a couple of minutes.


The application are efficient in their work and helps in saving the time spent in Bluetooth sharing and time consumed in other transfer mediums.


How to Send or Receive Files Fast via Wi-Fi on Android Smartphone
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