Everybody accesses the internet from their internet browsers and use it according to means for performing their work easily and properly. The web browsers are a good means of connecting with the internet and ensure the person accessing it to have a great time on it. Through the web browsers you can have access the information you want to know and reach to the website. Among the several browsers Google Chrome is the one which is highly popular and widely accessed by the people due to the features and quality efficiency provided by the browser to the people. It is developed by Google to public for giving them a free browser to have the features formulated by them to make web browsing easy and comfortably.

The web browser allows the user to have a great amount of security while accessing the net without the worry of identity theft or any other security issue. Google Chrome allows the user to clean the history of web to make the other person to acknowledge the sites he/she has accessed. With the updated Google Chrome the person can create many user accounts to ensure that the guest is unable to hamper the web security of the main user. You must have locked your computer sometimes to avoid the unknown person to check the personal information present in your computer, now you can do the same thing with the Google Chrome to password protect it and enable the protection to rise up than the normal allowed.


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Setting the Password in Google Chrome:

With this guide you will be able to add new users for using the web browser and avoid them to see the web history accessed by you. The password lock will lock the web browser account formulated by you even the extensions installed by you on the browser will be unavailable for the other user to be accessed. The guide will enable you to set password in Google Chrome.


Steps of Setting the Password in Google Chrome:

Step 1:                                             

Open the Google Chrome browser on your system and if you don’t have it then download from the link provided which is safe for performing the download along with it will not pose any problem to the user while accessing it.

Step 2:

Now type the following on the address bar of the browser ‘chrome://flags/’ which will open the experiments page of the browser. There will be various settings related to the web browser and then search for ‘Enable new profile management system’ option/setting there.


Step 3:

On getting to the setting you have to interchange the setting from ‘default’ to ‘enable’ through the drop down list.

Step 4:

Then click on the ‘Relaunch now’ option present in the bottom and when the browser restarts go to the drop down present in the corner of Chrome which will have the lock option. Set the password and the process is done.

How to Set Password in Google Chrome
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