Security is an important factor in every aspect as it makes the working done secure and safeguard it from people’s hands you might misuse it. While working on mobile operating system devices like Android we have the pattern lock feature in it as to lock the device for others and make the device to be not able to be accessed by others which will hamper the files of the device. On the Windows operating system the person can set the lock through the password or pin method, making the files secure from other people and safeguard the personal files from other users.

On the PC or laptop we all perform several personal and business workings which are important along especially for us, but the operating system used by other people makes the user to worry about the security and safeguarding of the files along with the documents present on the system. There are some users who tend to forget the pin or password set by them on their PC or laptop, which is an issue commonly found amongst the people. Rather than normal and usual way of keeping the files by setting the password or pin lock you can keep the system safe through the pattern lock similar to the Android devices for allowing them to have an innovative and unique way of locking the system.


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Setting Pattern Lock on PC or Laptop:

You can set the pattern lock on PC or laptop through various means but the efficient way of doing so is to perform it through the help of applications present and offering through the feature. These applications are efficient in locking the system through the pattern method.

Eusing Maze Lock

It is a great application providing the user to lock the PC or Laptop through the pattern lock and be sure about the security of the files along the documents present in it. Various types of patterns are present in the app you can choose 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 formats according to your preferences and choice. An alarm option is there allowing you to get an alert when the login attempts made are incorrect.


It is a free of cost app and has the efficiency expected by the user of the system performing as he/she wants to.


XUS PC Lock is similar to Eusing Maze lock by different in presentation and in using. The app has the same features which allows you to lock the system through the pattern and is available as trial version allowing you to check whether it is up to mark and level expected by you. It also has various forms of pattern sizes and formats allowing choosing upon your priority.


It is an attractive and good looking application providing the user to have the security along with looks making it cool and beautiful. The app is efficient and fully functioning working without any problem in the PC or laptop.

How to Set Pattern Lock on PC or Laptop (Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1)
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