Internet is available on various devices making it to be accessible by many people to do their working, functioning, entertainment and perform many more other things. It is accessible anywhere and not on only one device but more than numbers imaginable which support it. Internet has different uses on the basis of the function the person wants to do whether want to search something, download some content, upload or do other things with the help of it. Today it is an integral part of the daily life people start the day from the use of internet and end with accessing the features offered by it to the user.

A person can use the internet on their smartphones, laptops and desktop along many other devices to allow everyone to use it for the features present and offered to them. Major use of internet reportedly is done on smartphones by people as they are portable and same time serves as one device serving many functions. It makes the functioning to done with ease and performance to be best when needed. Among the various mobile operating systems Android proves to be most used and widely renowned OS than other proving its dominance with a large share of market being more than 30%. Google develops and continually evolves it for providing the best of it to the public making them to have what they expect from the smart devices. You can utilize the mobile internet and use on PC via Bluetooth Tethering and have the use of internet without any problem.


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Sharing Mobile Internet and Use on PC via Bluetooth Tethering

Here at Tech Raze we are going to tell you who to share the internet connection of your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth tethering. The guide and steps to be followed are provided below to make you acknowledge the process involved in it. There will be no problem while doing these steps and pose any trouble to the system.

Step 1:

Enable the Bluetooth on your smartphone also open on the PC; check whether that it is capable to discover other devices present in the range.

Step 2:

Go to the Settings of your device and tap on the option stating more there. Then you have to open the Tethering and Portable Hotspot where you will find Bluetooth Tethering option. Check the box present in front of Bluetooth tethering to enable it.


Step 3:

Open the Control Panel of the system; go to Devices and Printer Link to add your smartphone. Press Add devices option and the PC will search for your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. After the device name pops on the Add a device click on the next tab to save and add it.

Step 4:

After this you have to right click on the device and right click on it. Select the option stating Connect with Internet Access, now you are able to access the smartphone’s internet on PC.


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