Windows OS is a renowned and widely acclaimed operating system for desktops and laptops, developed by Microsoft and is basically has a graphical interface. It was initially released back in 1980’s about 28 years ago and still has the feel along with capability for making people to use it for their personal and business use. The target of the company with Windows operating system was on personal computing and to develop a base for people to do their work. There are currently about 90% of people using Windows operating system making the share of the OS in the market to be around 90%.

The operating system has multi-language support and is available for people around in 136 languages giving them easy and usage along with a better working. There are many tricks not known by various people which will aid them to use the operating system more properly and efficiently. One of the various is seeing the hidden items on your Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems. Through this you can see your system’s hidden folders and files, hidden by you, others or by the system itself.

Windows 8 Explorer

Show Hidden Files and Folders in Windows 8 and 8.1:

You can see the hidden files along with the folders through following the steps given below as given and stated below.

Step 1:

You were familiar with process of hiding and showing of files with the previous Windows operating system versions and were aware about how to do it.

Step 2:

Start your Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system and open the Windows Explorer, after this you will be able to see the menu tab present on top of the explorer.



Step 3:

Now open the View from the Menu bar and select the options tab for getting to advanced options. Open the View option from the folder option dialog box.

Step 4:

Select the ‘Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives’ button present under the ‘Hidden folders’ category. After doing the change in the viewing option click on Apply and save by clicking on OK.

After doing the changes, navigate to the folder of which you want to see the hidden files and folders. You will see them in highlighted as they are hidden and are different from read-only files along with folders. The process is simple and efficient in doing the purpose of seeing the hidden files and folders present on your system.

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