Thought of being a cowboy in Wild West and enjoy the gunfights, horse-riding, adventure and all, then you must try Six Guns game for your smartphone. Six Guns is a Red-Dead Redemption inspired game from the popular and renowned gaming manufacturer Gameloft, making you to have the feel of being a cowboy in Wild West and having some brilliant moments in the game. Being an adventure action game on a large scale it offers tons of features to be used during the game.

The game is graphics and action rich making the user to have a marvelous experience during playing it on their device, there are many obstacles present for the player being the outlaw gunslinger making rouge gangs to move off the area and many more. Name of your character is Buck Crosshaw, who is the sheriff of the city present in the Wild West and helping people to solve their problems in his own way.


Features of Six Guns:

  • Be an outlaw and have the cowboy in the wide Wild West.
  • Visual-stunning graphics present in the game making the gaming experience more brilliant and up to the mark.
  • Outstanding sound quality thrilling you during playing it.
  • Need to roam free; you can as it is based on open world format giving people the chance to explore as much as want.
  • Many upgrades available for player and will be unlocked after certain missions.
  • Live the way westerns do and experience the delight of the game.

Six Guns Multiplayer

Six Guns APK + Data Download:

Six Guns is a pretty brilliant game and has the capability of making people to be glued to it for hours without break. After playing you will feel the urge of completing the game at once and be the gunslinger with no one can compete.


Six Guns APK Download

Six Guns APK Data Part 1 Download

Six Guns APK Data Part 2 Download

Steps of Installing Six Guns:

Step 1:

Download the APK file and the data present in two parts through your desktop, the time taken in downloading will be more as the files are big size. Keep your patience and let the downloading process of Six Guns APK + Data to go on. If downloading through your Android device then use 3G or WI-FI for downloading.

Step 2:

After the downloading process transfer the files to your smartphone and do the transfer with a USB cable for faster transmission to the device.

Six Guns Shoot

Step 3:

Locate the transferred file in your device and tap on it for initiating the installation process. The installation will take its time to fully complete because it will read the large data needed for good performance of the game.

Step 4:

On completion of installing process, tap on the game for playing it.

Now you have the popular and awaited game in your Android device and you can satisfy the urge of playing it on your Android smartphone.

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Six Guns APK + Data Free Download for Android (Full Game)
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