Skyvi knows everything! An innovative productivity app allows you to talk to the Internet just like Siri in iOS. I’m sure you already are impressed with the way how Siri works on your iOS device. Well, you can get the same user interface of the real Siri service with this Skyvi app. The app is pretty much compatible with all types of Androids and surprisingly works great on it. Fortunately, Skyvi APK is now available to download for free. For more details, you need to follow the below given report. Skyvi APK 1

With Skyvi, you can actually talk to the Internet. You can easily call to someone, can search for anything in the World. Can get the right direction of your destination. You can even update your Facebook and Twitter with this personal voice assistant, Skyvi. The app is widely popular over the globe with millions of its active users. If your phone supports voice texting function, this app will work on it. In order to know more about this app, kindly follow the list of its features given below!

Features of Skyvi for Android

  • Voice texting for free
  • Search for anything in the World with the use of your mouth
  • Quick find calls and places
  • Updates your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter instantly
  • Play music of your choice
  • Fun chats, witty remarks, tells jokes
  • Ask anything to Skyvi and get proper response at the very next moment and much more

These were all the useful features available inside this popular Siri like assistant, Skyvi. The app is now available to download for free, you can easily get it from the official Google Play Store‘s page. If you want to download its APK file, kindly follow the below given Download button to get it from there.

Skyvi APK 2 Skyvi APK 3 Skyvi APK 4

Skyvi APK Download


Click the above mentioned download button once, downloading process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the entire downloading process. Soon, you will get the APK file of Skyvi app downloaded to your desktop. Now, you have to manually install this file to your Android by following the steps given below!

How to Install Skyvi APK on Android Smartphone?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper APK file of the requested app or game first.

Step 2 :

For Skyvi APK file, follow the download button given above. Soon you will get the APK file of this app.

Step 3 :

Now, you have to transfer this file to your Android smartphone. Make use of a proper USB data cable in order to do so.

Step 4 :

After getting done with this, go to your apps menu and launch the File Manager app. Tap on the search option, enter Skyvi there in the search box. Tap out the APK file of Skyvi and you’ll be asked whether to install this file or not. Do select the Install button when asked. You’re done!

Skyvi APK has been installed on your device. In order to get started with this app, go to your apps menu and open apps menu. Tap out the icon and set up things on the app.

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Skyvi APK Download for Android Free
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