There are plenty of messaging application present for the smartphones and tablets offering them to connect with people through texting, VoIP, video calls and etc. Many instant messaging applications have the same features and functions making the user to feel bored of them, lacking interest to use the application for communicating with others. Snapchat is a different messaging application which offers the public an alternate medium of having a conversation rather than doing with so common texting and all. It is a photograph messaging application developed for providing the people a unique way of having conversation with others and doing it in an amusing sort of medium.

The application proposes the public to use it for taking photos, recording videos including some text to it or make some drawing and sending them to defined list of people by the user. The user can click and share their photos instantly at the time they captured it, giving them a fast medium of transferring and sharing their photos. The sent photos and videos over the application are popularly known as ‘Snaps’, the snaps sent and received have a time restriction decided by the user who has sent the snap to the recipient. The range of the snap to be viewed by a person is ranged between 1 to 10 seconds, it is upon the user to set a time limit ranging between the allowed limit. It was released for public utilization on 2011 and now approximately 60 million messages are conveyed between people on a daily basis.


Features of Snapchat:

  • Have pleasure in the conversation which is fast, has some fun element and is different from others.
  • No trouble of privacy as your sent snap will be deleted from the recipient’s device after the time limit.
  • Any sort of photo or anything is not there in Snapchat servers.
  • A good social networking app along having the photo sharing feature dislike from others apps present in the row.
  • Have an application which offers you to share the photo content on your basis.


Snapchat APK for Android Download:

It is a great app for providing people a different way of messaging to others and collecting their messages. Try it for the exclusivity of the application and see some not known features of messaging. Here is the instruction guide of installing Snapchat APK for Android on your device.


Snapchat APK for Android Download

Steps of Downloading and Installing Snapchat APK

Step 1:

Initiate the downloading process of the file by clicking on the link provided above on desktop and it is a safe link so don’t worry about the viruses and bugs. It is the authorized Google Play Store link/server.

Step 2:

Download process will be over in a short period then you have to transfer the file from the desktop to your Android device. Use the USB cable for transmitting the file as it will perform the process speedily.

Snapchat android

Step 3:

Locate the transmitted file on your device and tap on it for starting the process of installation. After completing the application, it will be there on App Drawer for using it.

Step 4:

Launch the application from the drawer and experience some outstanding features on the Android smartphone.

Snapchat APK Download for Android (Latest Version)
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