In our childhood days we have played the retro and classic games, we loved the games like Super Mario, Contra and many more. The games were a great medium of entertaining the people in back years and were played by every individual of that time. People still have the memories of the games and still remember that era were 16-bit games ruled. Nowadays the games are kept aside in a corner and their place is been taken by modern games like Playstation and our very own smartphones. People now enjoy gaming experience on their smartphones and have an awesome time.

If you want to play the old Nintendo games then you can do so with the help of the emulators and play them on your desktop and smartphones. You can also play the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games on your iPhone and iPad without any problem through the help of a SNES emulator. The Apple App Store doesn’t have an emulator on it as the app conflicts with the copyright of the company. Many people have to jailbreak their device for using the SNES emulator and enjoying the 16-bit games on their iOS smartphone. As you know that jailbreaking is a time consuming process and needs a lot of knowledge to do so. We have a better option; why not enjoy the SNES emulator without jailbreaking iPhone / iPad. You can do so with the guide given below for downloading the SNES Emulator for iOS.


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SNES Emulator for iPhone / iPad:

Whether you use the latest version iOS 8 or the older version, the steps provided will work on any version of iOS making it to be widely used by many people owning the Apple device. The steps provided will work on the device perfectly without any problem or trouble.

Step 1:

First open the Safari browser of the iOS device and type, when the page gets loaded then select the Apps present on the top of the tabs.

Step 2:

On opening the Apps tab you will see a wide range of emulators, scroll downwards you will see an emulator bearing the name SiOS. Tap on it and a pop-up showcasing the information about the SiOS emulator and will also an install button. For installing the emulator tap on the install button.



Step 3:

After tapping on the install button, a confirmation box will pop-up asking the whether you want to install the app or not. Choose on the install button for starting the installation process, then return to the home screen of the device.

Step 4:

An error message will emerge in front of you saying the following ‘Unable to download App: SiOS couldn’t be downloaded at this time’. Tap on the retry option, the message will pop-up several times. Always tap on retry. Don’t worry just proceed to next step.


Step 5:

Now open the Settings of the device, go to General and click on Date & Time. While doing so, click on the retry option of the error message. After this, disable the Set Automatically option and interchange the date back to two months back at least.

Step 6:

After doing the change, SiOS will carry on installing. On the completion of installation process change the date to the present one and time to the present.

SNES Emulator for iOS Free Download (iPhone / iPad)
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