Search engines have proved to be a good support when a person wants to know about anything and want to search details about any content. The search engines help the people to get information about any particular thing and want to find about it, exact details about the item/thing will be able to be accessed by people. It uses the World Wide Web for generating information about a particular search item along with showcasing the results in a line along with other similar things. It is regularly updated to make sure that the information provided is of present time and is true on the base.

You must have used search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc, but have you heard about search engine dedicated for music, if not then here is SoundHound. SoundHound is a music search engine allowing the public to use it for identifying the track heard by them through singing it, humming the tone or by playing it. It is a mobile application available for smartphones running on mobile operating systems like Android, Windows Phone and iOS making the device users to experience the best features available for them. SoundHound was earlier known as Midomi till the end of 2009 and was launched in the beginning of 2009 to offer the public a platform to search about the tracks they listen to on their smartphones.


Features of SoundHound:

  • A search engine for mobile operating systems to make the device users to identify the track to which they are listening to.
  • A different way of search for the details of the song you can do so by humming, singing the track which is different from other applications.
  • Not having a good voice or your microphone is not working, then also if you sing the track the app will manage to find the details of it.
  • An efficient and great application with a simple user interface to provide the person a comfort while using it.
  • A popular application to get knowledge about the track name, artist and album of the audio you want to search through it.


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SoundHound APK Download for Android:

You are music lover then you must download this application to have access to the details you need to know about a particular track when you want to know. It is an awesome application and has about 200 million users exercising the features of the app and having an outstanding time. You can download SoundHound APK for your Android device as it is available for Android smartphones.

Soundhound APK

SoundHound APK Download for Android

Steps of Installing SoundHound APK for Android:

Step 1:

Get the APK file from the link and download it on your desktop. The link is safe from malicious files and will not affect the system from viruses.

Step 2:

Transmit the APK file from the desktop to your Android smartphone through the USB Cable. After transferring disconnect the device from the system.


Step 3:

Locate the transmitted APK file on your device and tap on it to initiate the installation process of music app on the device.

Step 4:

The installation of the app will require a couple of seconds and after the installation process it will be there on your home screen for using it.

SoundHound APK Download – Latest Version
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