When we want to know that what track is currently playing around us then we simply open an application upon the smartphone like Shazam and SoundHound etc. But for once we think that which one is the better and best to use giving the efficiency, functionality and performance to experience while using the service. We have chosen Shazam and SoundHound one on one with each other to compete for showcasing that which is better among the two apps present for people. These applications are competitors for many years and still are giving their best to become the ultimate music identification application for your smartphone.

Both the apps are regularly updated to give some new features to public for to encounter the service offered to them to go to next phase. We have put them under various conditions to prove their capability and performance as they promise to deliver.

Shazam vs SoundHound

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Faceoff SoundHound VS. Shazam:

First Test: Audio Capturing Capacity from Distance

We played a few songs from a distance for testing the capacity to recognize the audio from the source away from the device for a few feet. The test was basically to examine the capability to hear the exact sound among the other noises present around.

We played a song on the speakers and placed the devices with both apps opened from the speakers for 2-3 feet away. Then watched that the applications will give us what from the test.

Shazam didn’t got it for the first time but when kept near the speakers it gave the correct title. SoundHound misfired and made a wrong title pick on its try.

We played another one and Shazam repeated the performance by never getting it. SoundHound gave the correct title on the attempt.


Second Test: Old Age

There are many people who love to listen to old age melodies and have a great time while listening to it. We played some old age songs to make sure that the apps can go through it. The test showcased the capability of the database of the applications to examine that how many songs it can keep and of how many years.

First we played a song released in 1990 and checked that whether the apps will be able to guess the year.

Shazam and SoundHound stand on the expectations and evaluated the correct year on the first try.

Then we played the song which was not so quite known in 90’s.

Shazam misfired and gave the wrong pick on the try but gave the second one successful. SoundHound got it right on its first try.

SoundHound vs Shazam

Third and Final Test: Quickness

In this world of speed we want to have our work to be done fast as to save time and maintain the pace. The applications should be fast in giving the identity of the track played as to make the user to avoid the wait.

Without any problem we found that both Shazam and SoundHound made the correct result in a matter of seconds.

Sound Hound vs Shazam


Now the result, we tested both the music identification applications upon various circumstances and evaluated their outcomes. The both apps are good in their performance and made their stand on our expectations. Basically there are many people having different views about things, you can select any one of them as they both are good in functioning and performance.

SoundHound vs. Shazam – Which is Better?
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