Internet Download Manager is freeware download manager for Windows operating system helping the user to do faster downloading of files and programs as compared to normal downloading process performed by the browser. It has become quite a popular and widely used manager for handling the downloading of files done by the user in their system. It is mainly formulated and developed for only Windows OS manufactured by Microsoft for the people present all around the world using desktops, laptops and etc. It is developed by Tonec Inc. and was released for public in year 2005 making them efficiently look after the downloads of the system.

The latest version of IDM (popular short form of Internet Download Manager) was updated and released on November 2014 which was version 6.21 offering a lot of new features then it was there in the previous versions of the IDM. IDM is also known for increasing and boosting the speed of downloading about to 5 times and making the users to experience a marvelous downloading speed. The transfer rate of the manager regulates the speed for downloading and makes the download fast than the usual.


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Speeding the Internet Download Manager Downloads:

You can speed the download of the IDM through going some steps, which might double up the speed of the downloading offered to you. Some people always want that downloading process should be lighting fast as they can’t keep patience for getting their hands on the downloaded file, if you are one of them that want the download process to boost then this guide is for you. We have made following steps for speed up IDM downloads. It will help you in managing the downloads efficiently and properly than it was done before making the changes in the Internet Download Manager.


Step 1:

Open IDM and close all the downloads currently running on it for clearing the load on the application. Click on ‘Downloads’ on the menu bar and navigate to the ‘Speed Limiter’ option, then turn off it for making the upcoming downloads utilize the enhanced speed.

Step 2:

Again go to the Downloads on menu bar and click on the ‘Options’, then move to the ‘Connection’ tab present and set the ‘connection type/speed’ to ‘LAN’ enabling it use the extra bandwidth of your connection. Don’t change the ‘Default Maximum Connection Number’ and let it be on 8.


Step 3:

Click on ‘OK’ for saving the changes made and making the settings enable. Close the application and open the internet for downloading a file as checking the speed of the downloads have increased or not.

Step 4:

The speed will be boosted and your downloading process will be halved making the time consumed in downloading less.

You have now speed up IDM downloads and increased the working of the application.

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How to Speed Up IDM Downloads
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