Torrent is the best way of getting large files in your desktop by downloading them through simple applications known as BitTorrent, uTorrent etc, allowing having access to unlimited content. The application is widely used by many people for downloading torrent files of movies, games and etc, having large size and having them in a matter of time. Downloading torrent is not a time consuming task and it doesn’t require expertise for the process. One of the main problems of the torrent is the downloading speed of the torrents. People tend to spend their time on searching healthy torrents and on getting it downloaded at a good i.e. maximum speed.

We are providing you some tricks and tips for boosting the speed of downloading of the torrent and making the time consumed in downloading to be decreased then it is in present.


Steps of Speeding up Torrent Download Speed in Windows:

Step 1:

If you are using uTorrent for downloading the torrent then check the Protocol Encryption and ensure that it is enabled for making it good to work and download. Allow incoming legacy connections is checked when the application is opened.

If you are using any other application like BitTorrent, check the settings of the application may be present under the connections option for Protocol Encryption. It may be under name like Traffic Shaping etc. Make these settings enabled and allow the incoming legacy connections.

Protcol Encryption

Step 2:

Bandwidth is an essential feature for changing the speed of downloading and uploading. Try to maintain the ‘Max Upload Rate’ and ‘Max Download Rate’ on unlimited i.e. 0 for increasing the speed of downloading and uploading. Set your ‘Global Max Number of connections’ to 2500 and the ‘Max Number of connected peers per torrent’ to 500 for increasing the speed gradually.

Step 3:

You can boost up the speed by controlling the upload rate in peer to peer network. Use the tests present online for calculating the upload speed at the current time and set the value of client’s upload rate to the exact number, don’t keep it too high because it will decrease the downloading speed.


Step 4:

The firewalls of the antivirus pose a problem to the downloading speed by blocking the BitTorrent connections coming through. Configure the firewall for accepting the connections through checking the BitTorrent client in the allowed list of the firewall. Don’t turn off the firewall because if it will not be enabled it will leave the computer open for attacking by hackers and viruses.

Step 5:

The torrent downloading software are often are set on a default port of 6881-6999, you can interchange the port to 10000 or above. There will be no problem after doing so and it will increase the speed of download of the torrent.

How to Speed Up Torrent Downloads in Windows
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