People tend to have a bad habit of getting up early from their bed despite of the alarm set by them for a specific time. Snoozing option is like a boon to them, allowing them to pause the alarm and get some more time to sleep. This problem is solved with the release of SpinMe Alarm Clock making you to spin around twice before silencing the alarm set by you. The application makes the sleepy person to avoid the sleep and spin around for shutting the alarm off. The application was released for Android and iOS smartphone users with a Windows application on the way.

SpinMe Alarm Clock is a brilliant alarm application present and is receiving positive reviews from the masses. It is a clever application developed by Abdulla Al-Shurafa for ultimately forcing you to get up on time. You can’t cheat this application by simply moving and spinning your device while still in bed, if you think try it. Your illusion will be overshadowed by the reality. The application runs on Android 2.3 and above give you the chance to overcome your habit of not getting up early.

SpinMe Alarm Clock Download

Features of SpinMe Alarm Clock Apk:

  • Spin around two times while standing and holding the smartphone along with touching the screen with your thumbs.
  • Simple and easy to use almost not complication while using
  • Unique and crazy application for late morning sleepers
  • Not able to dismiss the alarm with a simple swipe or press of a button.
  • An innovative way of making people to wake up.


SpinMe Alarm Clock Apk Download:

Victim of late sleeping habit, this application is generally for you and will make you to avoid the habit by aiding in overcoming it. The features stated above to ensure and promises that the app is of great use and will not disappoint you when you use it. You can download it from the link given below.

SpinMe Alarm Clock Apk

SpinMe Alarm Clock APK

Steps of Installing SpinMe Alarm Clock Apk:

Step 1:

Download the apk from the link given above from your desktop

Step 2:

Transfer the downloaded apk file from your computer to your Android smartphone through a USB cable for faster transfer.


Step 3:

Locate the file transferred from the desktop in your smartphone

Step 4:

After locating it, tap on it to install and prepare for the practice performed by the application.

The steps given will make you to install and use the application with ease for the upcoming time. The application will remove your late sleeping habit and ensure that you develop the capability for waking up early at the precise time.

SpinMe Alarm Clock APK Download
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