Subway Surfers doesn’t require any introduction and when the word people immediately get the thought of game which provides entertainment and pleasure while playing it. It is a widely popular game and played by many people on their smartphones making it an addictive game to be out there in the market. Subway Surfers is around a group of thugs being apprehended in the action of performing Graffiti on a railway metro spot, running from the inspector and his dog on the tracks for escaping. The player has run to on the tracks avoiding the collisions with the things present on the tracks.

The game is developed by Kiloo along with SYBO Games and is published by Kiloo; it is available on multiple mobile operating system platforms for people to experience the marvelous gameplay of the app. It was released for public in 2012 and is updated by the company on seasonal vacations for giving the game the seasonal touch and feel of the vacation. After 2013 it was decided that updates will center on World Tour theme setting the action of the game in a new town/city each having a distinctive gap. There are about 19 editions and cities listed by the company for setting the game on the railway tracks of the city. Subway Surfers has included 4 destinations of U.S. among others for its series part.

Subway Surfers Los Angeles APK

Features of Subway Surfers Los Angeles:

  • Encounter the splendid setting of Hollywood present in Los Angeles.
  • Get to play the outstanding events in the subway of LA every of the week.
  • Along with Jake run on the marvelous ride of the star studded locations.
  • New upgrades for making the game to super cool and customize its characters upon your choice.


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Subway Surfers Los Angeles APK Download:

Kiloo and SYBO Games have released the Los Angeles edition of the World Tour Game series and it is the 4th destination which is of U.S. other being New York and etc. Subway Surfers Los Angeles is available for Android and other mobile operating systems; you can download the Subway Surfers Los Angeles APK for Android from there and install it through the guide provided.


Subway Surfers Los Angeles APK

Steps of Installing Subway Surfers Los Angeles on Android:

Step 1:

Don’t do the downloading from links and servers being suspected for viruses/bugs as they can harm your system when you do so. The above link provided is safe and free from viruses download the APK file from the link above on the desktop.

Step 2:

When the downloading has ended, transfer the APK file from the desktop to your Android smartphone with a USB cable for making the transfer process to be fast and quick than usual.


Step 3:

Now disconnect the device carefully and track the file on the device for opening it for installation.

Step 4:

Select the file and tap on it for kicking off the installation process, then it will take a pair of seconds to complete.

You have the Subway Surfers Los Angeles APK on your device and it is ready for play to encounter some unthought-of experiences.

Subway Surfers Los Angeles APK Download for Android (Latest)
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