Taking a screenshot is always a special task while you are working on a Mac. Well, unlike the Windows OS there’s a whole lot different task to do when taking a screenshot on a Mac OS X. There are a number of ways to take a Screenshot on a Mac system. It’s simple, reliable and anyone can easily do this on the go, all it requires is a combination of Keys called as Shortcuts. There are a number of shortcuts available to take a screenshot or a portion of the screen on Mac OS X. If you don’t know any way of taking a screenshot, you should follow the below given list of the ways. Keep on reading! 

How to Take Screenshot on Mac OS X

1. Screenshot of the entire screen

There comes a time when you need a whole screen to be snapped, well it’s a simple thing. Press Command, Shift and 3 simultaneously to capture a whole screen of your Mac. Before to press this Keys, you have to make sure about whether the screen is perfect or not because this method will take a whole screen’s snap including everything available on the screen.

Command+ Shift+ 3 

2. Screenshot just a portion of the screen

Mac allows you to take a screenshot of a particular portion on the screen. What if you just need a little part of the screen to be captured? Now, no need to take a whole screen’s shot and crop it out. With Mac you can instantly do this on the go. Press Command, Shift and 4 simultaneously. Your cursor will turn into a cross signed retile. Move your cursor into the portion, you need to drag your fingers on the trackpad by holding it up. You would see rectangle there, as soon as you unleash your fingers, you will hear a sound of a snap. Go to your desktop, your portion is captured out.

Command+ Shift+ 4 

3. Save Screenshot to a Clipboard

If you wish to save a Screenshot not only on the desktop but a particular place like Clipboard, you can do this too on Mac. Press Command, Control, Shift and 3 simultaneously. Your screen will be saved into the Clipboard. You can get it from there whenever you need it and can make use of them instantly from the Clipboard folder.

Command+ Control+ Shift+ 3

4. Screenshot from Utilities

Mac officially allows you to take screenshot of your screen by opening up a Capture utility from the Applications folder. Go to your Mac’s Dock, and tap on to the Applications option. Select Utilities and click on to the Grab option. You would see a Capture option on the main menu bar besides the Apple logo. Follow below screenshots which are taken to explains you more about this process.

Take Screen Shot Take Screen Shot 2 Take Screen Shot 3

So folks, these were all the ways to take screenshots on a Mac system. I am pretty sure that you have tried all of them while reading the tutorial and got satisfied already. If you have faced any problem or want to know anything more, do let us know about it. We would definitely going to help you out with proper solutions. Stay tuned for more such updates!

How to Take Screenshot on Mac OS X
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