Among the various internet browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are most popular browsers used by majority of people to surf the World Wide Web on their system. People love these browsers due to the features, performance and efficiency offered to them making the working to be done with ease and comfortably. The browsers are among the top contenders when it comes to choose the best web internet developed for the general public allowing them to use it on their Windows and Mac systems without any trouble to have a great time while accessing them.

During surfing and accessing the internet we all come across some interesting articles relating to many contents like cooking, tutorials and etc which we save them for future reference if their need arises we can easily see them. There are several methods of saving the webpage but among them taking the screenshot of the webpage is widely used and is popular due to the efficiency delivered by it. We have some methods of taking screenshots in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer aiding to performing the procedure of capturing the screenshot to simple and easy when you use these methods.


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Taking Screenshots in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer:

Basically you can take the screenshot through the Windows Keyboard shortcuts on your Windows operating system and Mac Keyboard shortcuts on your Mac OS. But with the shortcuts you will get the full screen capture which may not be appropriate for you at some moments. With the help of add-ons you can get clear and exact screenshot of the webpage in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. With the add-ons you can get the perfect screenshot of the particular webpage and save it on your system.

  • Awesome Screenshot:

    Talking about an add-on for taking screenshots on the internet browser the first name that comes to mind of the people is Awesome Screenshot. It is a feature richen add-on along with allowing you to capture a specified area on the webpage delivering it with the clarity expected.


  • Webpage Screenshot Capture:

    Webpage Screenshot Capture is the most popular screenshot add-on after Awesome Screenshot. Through the help of the add-on you can set your own customized shortcut keys aiding you to capturing the screenshot in less time. The captured screenshot can be saved in multiple formats like jpeg or png file formats.



  • Get FireShot:

    You must haven’t seen or heard the name of this add-on but the add-on works just the user expects it to work and performs the function efficiently. It can be used on various internet browsers which is a plus point as there are many which are not supported for more than one or two browsers.

get fireshot

  • Nimbus Screen Capture:

    Nimbus Screen Capture is an extension serving its purpose properly and allowing you to get the screenshot of the particular webpage without any problem. The captured screenshot will be directly saved on the system in the predefined folder selected by the user.

nimbus screenshot

How to Take Screenshots in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer
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