Microsoft Edge is an all new internet browser from Microsoft which will replace the historical Internet Explorer containing many new and efficient features to make the browsing experience unique. The new web browser is lightweight in view and offers the people to access the internet with ease and perform their online working with boosted performance for getting the desired result. Microsoft Edge was initially released by the company as a preview and with Windows 10 it will be available replacing the preinstalled and default Internet Explorer on the desktops, smartphones and tablets.

The web browser is developed from scratch and doesn’t contain a single characteristic of the default web browser offering the people an all new user interface. The browser has many tips and tricks present in it which can be seen through the launched preview aiding the people to utilize it more efficiently and give a tough competition to Chrome, Firefox browsers. Here are some tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge browser aiding you to access the internet with the advantages inherited in it.


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Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10:

  • Enabling Cortana Integration: As you know Cortana is a voice assistant on Windows 10 and has a lot of features to simplify the working. You can enable the Cortana integration in Edge by selecting the ‘View advanced settings’ present at the bottom of the page and choosing the option stating ‘Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge’ to enable it. For checking its functionality to have to just enter a simple question in the location bar and Cortana will answer it.
  • Reader Mode: Most of the latest and upcoming browsers support the Reader mode feature allowing the people to avoid the unwanted things on the page just getting the text there on it. Go to the webpage of which you want to read the text then click on the book icon on address bar which will enable the reader mode.

notes microsoft edge

  • Making Notes on the Page: You can also make notes of the particular text on the webpage and save it for future reference. Just select the Make a Web note button present between the hub and share icon, the mark the text on the webpage for making the note. With the available tools highlight, erase and draw the note easily.
  • Pin to Start Menu: If you frequently visit a particular webpage then you can the webpage to Start menu for instant access and avoid going to the browser typing the URL then visiting it. Go to site and open the browser menu and select the Pin to Start in order to pin it to the Start menu as a page or as a tile which when clicked will redirect you to the website.

edge browser

  • Make a List of Reading: We all make and create bookmarks for saving the pages or articles which can be accessed later on when needed. Edge offers a new reading list feature through which you can save your favorite articles on the list by clicking on the star icon in front of the address bar and selecting the reading list articles for adding the page to it.


Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Edge Web Browser on Windows 10
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