Social Networking sites have become an important essence of a person’s daily life spending majority of time on these platforms interacting with other people. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are the popular sites providing people to access them to connect with others and share information in the form of multimedia content like messages, photos etc. These social networking sites provides the people around the world to communicate with close ones providing an instant reach to them with less means. Millions of people have at least one account on the social networking platform at current time accessing the services offered at the present for their benefit.

With the growing popularity and utilization of these sites the cases of using them against the owner are raising, there are risks of using the platform despite of the many benefits inherited. On the internet, there are many spammers, hackers, virus programmers and others which are there waiting for your to do one single mistake aiding them to get your online identity easily. For providing you more security and safety while accessing your social account we have some tips aiding you to protect your social networking account easily without any trouble.

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Securing Your Social Networking Account:

  • Multiple Password for More Than One Accounts: As there are many sites offering the people the social networking services which attracts the people to create an account on them to access them. If you have multiple social networking accounts then make sure each one of them have different passwords as the same password will make a person know the password a key to see your personal data in present accounts.
  • Avoid Phishing Emails on your Account: Many cyber criminals send various phishing mails to people which have an attractive content aiding the receiver to click on them and surrendering the information personal to them. You should avoid these phishing mails as they can lead the hacking of online identity using it against for fraudulent purposes.
  • Select the Social Networking As Per Use: Don’t make the social networking sites according to the service offered and features as despite of the available characteristics it not might be for your use. Evaluate the site firstly and see the privacy policy stated on which you want to create the account.


  • Avoid the Use of Third-Party Apps on the Account: There are many third party websites offering applications and tools aiding you to increase user experience of a particular social networking site. Make sure that you really need and the app doesn’t send any sort of personal information to the owners as criminals will use these applications to confront you and your space.
  • Direct Put the Address: Don’t ever click on the links aiding you to reach the social networking site because as soon as you input your account details to log in the data is transferred to the link generator. Always try to directly type in the address of the accessing social networking site or use your own created bookmarks to avoid the misuse of the personal information.

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