Tizen is an operating system developed through Linux kernel and can be accessed on various devices like smartphones, tablets smart T.V.s and etc. The main purpose of the operating system is to provide the people a common and consistent using experience across various devices. The operating system is developed by Linux Foundation and Samsung partnered with each other, providing the resources to each other for building the different OS for the public. Just like Android it is also an open environment operating system   allowing the user to have the features to be used with full swing.

The latest version of the operating system was launched and released in the market through the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and the first smartphone running on it Samsung Z1 recently. The company aims to make it big and provide the people some salient features which make them to use them over the other available operating system. One can acknowledge the working and functioning on their system through the emulator available. A direct emulator is not there for experiencing the Tizen user interface, we have a simple and easy guide to installing the Tizen OS Emulator for your system whether Mac or Windows.


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Steps of Downloading and Installing Tizen OS Emulator:

Step 1:

First of all you have to download the SDK (Software Development Kit) for your system from the links provided here.

For Ubuntu: 32Bit and 64Bit

For Windows 7, 8 and 8.1: 32Bit and 64Bit

For Mac: Intel and Intel CLI

Download the SDK from the links provided above according to the system used by you and install them after the download according to your preference. Set the Install type on Typical as it will aid you to use the emulator easily and properly. A minimum space of 4GB is required for the downloading process.


Step 2:

On installing you will see a particular window which will ask what you want to install on the system. Select on Emulator and ensure that you have selected only the emulator one. Click on Next to move ahead in the process. The download will start and will ask you to install the Intel Hardware Accelerator on Windows if you are installing it on Windows operating system. Allow it to install on your Windows operating system.


Step 3:

On the completion of the installation process you have to go to the Tizen-SDK and run the ‘emulator-manager.exe’. Click on the ‘Add VM’ and customize the Virtual Machine Sensor settings then click on Confirm after you have changed according to your preference.

Step 4:

Run the Tizen Emulator by clicking the ‘Play’ option and the emulator will start functioning. After it has loaded you have to swipe on it to unlock it and being in the development stage it lack some characteristics.


After you have used the emulator you have to hold the Power button and perform a shutdown, if it doesn’t works properly then go to Advanced>Force Close.

Tizen OS Emulator for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / XP / Linux / Mac – Free Download
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