Windows operating system has a huge number of applications present for editing audio and creating a masterpiece from it. Many people are committed for making the best and worthy music to their ears and to other people’s ears. We have listed some apps which ensure the work is good and up to the mark.

Audio Editing Tools For Windows 7/8 and 8.1:

  • Audacity:

    The application is present in the market for about 14 years for editing the audio. Audacity is a powerful and efficient application along with features making the user to have a good output on using it. It has many filter and effects for adding it in the audio.


  • Sony Sound Forge:

    Needing a professional tool for editing for making the result upscale and to the mark, then use Sony Sound Forge for getting the feel and approach. Having a package of tools making the audio edited by you to have the persona and professionalism with brilliant effects and crispness.


  • Wavosaur:

    Wavosaur is a light and efficient audio editor requiring almost no installation making it portable due to being a program of about 800 Kbs. Not only it is small it has the features which heavy programs consists for editing the music/audio. It has many plug-ins for helping you during the edit.


  • Adobe Audition CS:

    Adobe is offering people the audio editor tool Adobe Audition CS for making them efficient to make more brilliant phenomenal audio through the application. The application has subscription service offered by the developers for having the full access of the application.


  • GoldWave:

    GoldWave is fully digital audio editor having the professional features needed for making a simple recording/audio to a masterpiece. The application is good due to the offerings present and is easy in using. It has a powerful collection of functions for editing audio for best results.


  • Pro Tools 11:

    Avid’s Pro Tools is a popular tool for editing audio and recordings used by many music professionals. It has many features like music looping, MIDI sequencer etc for making the audio to have the result expected by you.


  • WavePad Audio Editor:

    The application is rich in features and has creditability of being a good sound/audio editor for Windows operating system. WavePad Audio Editor has a wide choice of options for adding and mixing plug-in along with filters for editing the audio.


  • Kristal Audio Engine:

    Kristal Audio Engine is an audio editing tool for beginners needing to learn the basic features of editing. It is a strong multi-track and multi-channel recorder allowing the person to mix some new effects for enhancing the features of the audio.


  • Music Editor Free:

    It is a free version of the audio editor having features having several shortcuts for keyboards and mouse along with useful effects needed for editing. The tool is a renowned one has made a position among the others present in the competition.

Music editor

  • Reaper:

    Reaper is basically a DAW having features praised by many people due to the efficiency. Sporting a large number of plug-in for enhancing the flexibility and features of the audio edited by the application. It has many professional embarked gear for music professionals.


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