Apple Watch is a new smartwatch developed by Apple offered to followers and customers of the company. The smartwatch tracks the health and fitness of the person wearing it integrated with iOS and many further products developed by Apple. Apple Watch is available in three variants Apple Watch Sport, Simple and Edition which are distinguished with each other in cases as with interchangeable bands aiding the person to carry on a different look as preferred by them. The smartwatch relies on iPhone 5 or above for connecting wirelessly for performing many of offered functions easily. There are many third-party applications developed and offered to the Apple Watch users aiding them to do more with the help of it. Here is the list of 10 best Apple Watch apps for you.


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Top 10 Best Apple Watch Apps:

  • Dark Sky: Dark Sky is a weather application working efficiently on Apple Watch containing a rich user interface and showing you the exact weather approach. As it is initial stage so you may encounter slow loading lag on it while using which might be a big issue as it will be rectified in the next version.


  • Evernote:Nothing much can be said about Evernote aiding the users to create notes and to-do lists easily without any sort of trouble. Through the application you can dictate notes which will be synced to Evernote allowing instant access whenever needed.


  • NYTimes:NYTimes is an application offered by The New York Times providing you instant news feed on your smartwatch in a sentence. The app merely showcases the headlines allowing the user to choose the news which he/she wants to go through with and read it though.


  • Twitterrific: Twitter is almost used by every person but what if we want to use our Twitter account on our Apple Watch then you can use Twitterrific for this. The third-party application allows you to reply your mentions and direct messages easily with a brilliant rich notification experience.


  • Shazam:Shazam is a great application which serves as link between the application present on iPhone and Apple Watch. It allows you to avoid pulling your phone out to check out what song is currently is played and activates the phone to access features available on the app.


  • CityMapper: Love travelling then this is application is a must have for your Apple Watch providing you precise and clear instructions to get from one place to another. CityMapper informs you about the upcoming public transport means providing an outline of the stops on the way.


  • Find Near Me:Find Near Me allows the Apple Watch user to easily find nearby locations and important places with merely a tap. You can search and find various restaurants, grocery stores and various other addresses.

find near me

  • Skype: Want to get in touch with your Skype accounts without accessing your iPhone then use the Apple Watch app for this. The app allows you to check all the notifications summed up and reply to them instantly at the moment.


  • Trivia Crack:Trivia Crack is an addicting game for iPhone users which is now available for Apple Watch offering them to play it on their smartwatch. The gameplay is pretty simple and fits brilliantly on the small screen of the watch avoiding you to pull off your device from your pockets.

trivia crack

  • Misfit: As a majority of people access the smartwatch for tracking their health and staying fit in every sort of way, then for Apple Watch users here is Misfit offering them to stay healthy with the exercises and activities performed.


Top 10 Best Apple Watch Apps
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