No matter what kind of a person you are, you have to accept the fact that you can not live without music. Music is your best friend when there’s no one around you. Different people have different choices of music and they do like to play the same kind of music on their respective tech devices. Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, MP3 player and a lot of tech gadgets are there to listening to your favourite music. If you want to create or mix up your music, Best DJ Software 2015 are here. Get your own favourite DJ Software downloaded and test them now!

Top 10 Best DJ Software 2015

Top 10 Best DJ Software 2015

1. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a popular DJ Software equipped with a list of extra ordinary features to mix up your kind of music on the go. Virtual DJ is used by millions of people around the globe with its tremendous services and variety of features. To know more about this software, kindly check out its features given below.

Features :

  • Simple and stylish user interface
  • Decent services on the go
  • Adorable graphics throughout the interface
  • Try out various filters to add up music
  • Two skin mixtures to mix up your music
  • Easy installation

Download Virtual DJ

2. Mixxx

Mixxx is your own personal DJ when it comes to create a complete unique music by your own self. The tool is designed for both types of users, professionals and non professionals. It serves a decent UI for everyone and you can instantly start generating music instantly.

Features :

  • Advanced MIDI support
  • Complete professional look
  • Fully customizable
  • Allows you to try out different filters and additional tools
  • Various skins options to change the songs according to your needs
  • Fetch songs instantly from your device
  • Smoother interface

Download Mixxx

3. Ultra Mixer Free Edition

Ultra Mixer Free Edition is a software with two layers of music. It gives you an access to fetch and play music of your kind. You can mix up music according to your needs by adding up additional tools and other things instantly.

Features : 

  • Incredibly amazing user interface
  • Decent and adorable graphics with simple access
  • Two channels mixture library
  • Great mixing features with instant access
  • Good sound quality while making use of it
  • A number of filters and many more options to add effects

Download Ultra Mixer Free Edition

4. Dj ProMixer

Dj ProMixer has got a clean and complete intuitive user interface for everyone. The software has got a list of advanced DJ mixing features that automatically detects and adds up effects to your selected music. The software is available for free and you can easily download it for your Windows PC. Check out the features of DJ ProMixer.

Features :

  • Two track recording and mixing
  • Automatic beat detection
  • Tracklist and auto sync
  • Make live remixes of your music and start creating your own library
  • Fetch music from your PC by hitting up the add button
  • Powerful audio production tools
  • Add various effects instantly

Download DJ ProMixer 

5. Serato DJ INTRO

Serato DJ INTRO is quite a decent DJ software available for Windows PC. The tool offers a limited set of features to mix and create your own kind of music on the go. The tool has got a list of advanced features if you are looking for a software to mix up music. Check out the list of its features!

Features :

  • Compatible with Denon, Numark, Pioneer, Reloop and Vestax controllers
  • Easy to use Software made for all types of people
  • Made for professionals and none professionals
  • Additional effects and filters are available to mix up music
  • Plug and play to play music instantly
  • Cue it loop it feature make a loop of your selected music
  • Sync it feature syncs everything

Download Serato DJ Intro

6. KraMixer

KraMixer is a software having all the basic functions and features of a kind DJ mixes. The software is incredibly amazing and gives you the best music at your screen. The software carries a set of advanced features to compose your own music. Following list of its features will tell you more about it.

Features :

  • A huge list of additional effects to put on
  • Fetch music from your PC with single click
  • Add multiple songs and mix them up
  • Auto sound processing technology
  • Real time effects to enhance the sound quality of your music

Download KraMixer

7. is a browser based DJ Software without having to download it. It can be operated online with over 20 million songs to choose from. Anyone can instantly start DJ’ing within this online DJ software. Following list of its features will tell you more about it. Check out the list!

Features :

  • No need to download the software
  • Runs online through a website
  • A set of additional features to try out with various filters and effects
  • Great sound quality online
  • Mix up your favourite music on the go
  • Choose from over 20 Million different songs and much more

Go to

8. DJ ProMixer

DJ ProMixer is one of the most popular DJ Software available for various platforms. The software is available in two separate variants with free and paid one. You can download a Free trial version of it and then can go with its paid version easily.

Features : 

  • Fully functional software with advanced features
  • Go ahead and mix up your kind of music on the go
  • Automatic fetching of songs from your PC
  • 22 different controllers to try out

Download DJ ProMixer 

9. Zulu DJ Software

Zulu is a simple DJ Software which allows you to create a whole different music out of your tracks. You can instantly change the songs and can try out various effects on the go. Zulu DJ Software is made for all types of people no matter whether they are professionals or just a newbies.

Features :

  • Automatic beat detection while playing the music
  • Real time pitch and tempo improvements
  • Automatic sync between various music
  • Add effects, recording mixes and various things on the go
  • Save your creations and get them downloaded
  • Try out various music categories from within the software and much more

Download Zulu DJ Software

10. UltraMixer

UltraMixer is another popular DJ Mixing software available for free with its pro features. The software is simple yet has got all the incredibly amazing features to get you the best of music on the go. UltraMixer is all about having a great fun mixing up your music.

Features :

  • Simple user interface with advanced filtration
  • Add various effects easily
  • Start sync multiple songs to get a complete professional touch
  • Simple Keyboard controls to control the mixing up
  • A list of additional filters, functions to try out

Download UltraMixer


Top 10 Best DJ Software 2015
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