Firefox is a great browser developed by Mozilla made on open-source platform formulated for Windows OS, OS X and Linux, having mind-blowing 450 million users who use the browser for surfing the internet. The browser has made quite an impact on the users and makes them feel some unique experiences while using it for exploring the internet. It was released for public use in 2002 and has made a good position in 12 years among the minds of the people. There are tons of add-ons present in the browser proving to be a catalyst in its functioning, making the user to have increase performance and user experience. The following list contains the top 10 best Firefox Add-ons for your Firefox browser enabling you to make most of the features present in your Firefox browser.


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Top 10 Best Firefox Add-ons:

  • Firebug:

    A development add-on for the Firefox browser, it enables the user to inspect the internet and acknowledge the codes making up as the fragments of any particular webpage.

Download it here

  • Awesome Screenshot Plus:

    Awesome Screenshot is a must have extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser and enables you to capture the entire page as an image file for making you to have the content of the page saved.

Download it here

  • Memory Fox:

    It is an add-on making the Firefox browser to consume less RAM usage of the system for making it run efficiently and properly. It decreases the physical memory usage of the system and makes the Firefox to avoid being a load on the system.

Download it here

  • TinyURL Creator:

    TinyURL Creator makes the user to collapse the long URL for formulating it into a small one enabling it to share on various social networking platforms easily. Being a useful add-on it is helpful for a person in the field of marketing on the internet.

Download it here

  • FlagFox:

    Want to see the location of the website and acknowledge the country from which the site represents is hosted. It will provide the exact location of a website making you to know that accessing the site is safe or not.

Download it here

  • Similar Sites:

    Similar Sites is a good add-on serving as the content feeder to the user providing him/her to get the name of 10 similar sites with the one you are currently seeing and looking. It helps the user to access a particular content widely and get the information more precisely.

Download it here

  • Destroy the Web:

    Bored of doing the random search and surfing on the internet through your Firefox browser then use this extension for creating the webpage into a game and shoot on the contents which you don’t like on the particular site. A must have add-on for having a break from regular using of internet.

Download it here

  • User Agent Switcher:

    User Agent Switcher helps the users to make the site a fool by enabling them to feel that you are not Firefox browser and using any other browser. It will help you to able to safeguard information from others.

Download it here

  • AdBlock Plus:

    We all are tired of seeing ads while browsing the internet; AdBlock Plus helps the user to disable the ads while browsing making the web to be ad-free. Used by various web users for the efficiency offered by it.

Download it here

  • HackBar:

    HackBar makes the user to break the security of various websites having several user functionality at the same time for wider use and service. A simple security add-on for users to encounter unique experiences like never.

Download it here

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