Google Chrome is a free of cost internet browser for people formulated by Google, making a renowned mark among the other browsers with a large 45% share in the web browser industry. It is basically an open-source browser and is fast, safe in use making it a good choice among the other internet browsers present for use. It was initially released for people in the year 2008 for giving the people an entirely new way of surfing the internet and have the features never used before. Being open-source project, users can customize the browser with the help of available extensions and it increases the level of user experience. The following list has the top 10 best Google Chrome Extensions making the user to access the browser efficiently.


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 Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions:

  • AdBlock Plus:

    AdBlock Plus is a must have extension for Chrome web browser, it will help the user to block all the ads present on YouTube while watching a video. All video ads will not pop-up at the time you are accessing the site.

  • Ginger:

    If you often make spelling mistakes then download this extension for the proper correction. This extension serves as the spell checker verifying almost 30+ grammatical errors making you to write correct sentences with good grammar.

  • LastPass:

    Internet security is a major issue of everyone as there are chances of personal data being leaked due to the presence of different accounts bearing various passwords. A person can remember passwords to an extent not all the passwords, for doing this you can use LastPass extension which is a password manager.

  • Awesome Screenshot Plus:

    An extension that should be in your Chrome’s extension tray as it helps the user to capture the content of the page and make it available for future use. It saves the captured image in JPG and PNG format also you can the captured image.

  • Lazarus:

    Many people face the problem of slow internet connection making them to fully perform the functions on their browser. Due to this sometimes the person faces the problem of losing some information, but now no more you can use Lazarus extension for this as it auto saves the web-form inputs for getting it back.

  • Simple= Select + Search:

    If your work is basically on research, then this extension will help you a lot. Select any text on the webpage, right-click on it and choose the website on which you will help you to acknowledge the text/word more accurately. Also you can choose the search engine as per your preferences.

  • Hover Zoom:

    Hover Zoom allows the user to zoom over image without clicking it, just place the mouse on it and the image will expand. It helps to save the time and decreasing the tab traffic on the browser as to view it on another site.

  • Social Fixer:

    Tired of seeing the unwanted things on your Facebook Profile and News Feed, then Social Fixer will surely help. It will filter the News feed; hide the stories with a keyword, no game update to you. You can control the look and feel of the Facebook account also the working of the account.

  • Photo Zoom for Facebook:

    Photo Zoom enables the user to see the images in wider mode without clicking on it. Just hover your cursor on the image and it will appear in zoom mode. An efficient extension allowing you to change the look of using the Facebook.

  • MediaHint:

    The extension provides the user to easily view the region-blocked content and see the videos, images which were not available for the user to see.

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions
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