Everybody loves gaming whether experienced on video gaming consoles or on laptops and desktops as it makes the person to forgo every sort of tension in a matter of minutes. A large number of people play games for long sessions making them to get encounter each and every moment filled with thrill and excitement present. But while playing the games on keyboard sometimes makes the person to unable to get the full experience just as expected.

With the help of controllers the user can avoid extra burden on the keyboard and have 10x better gaming experience on playing. As there are many controllers present for people in the market offering various features but which are best for playing and purchase. Here is a list consists of the top 10 best PC Controllers for gaming to allow you to encounter the game at its best, see and enjoy.

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10 Best PC Controllers for Gaming:

  • Xbox 360 Controller:

    First in the list highly popular Xbox 360 Controller, this controller is known for elegance and design offered to people by Microsoft. The controller is great in use and contains some good features aiding you to increase the gaming experience for having a fantastic play time. Xbox 360 Controller is counted as the one of the finest gaming controller present for gamers to make a remarkable gaming device.


  • Sony DualShock 3 Controller:

    Sony DualShock 3 Controller was launched with Sony’s Playstation 3 changing the scenario of gaming. Most people don’t like it but many are crazy for it, without any extra needs you can connect it with your PC and play the amazing games. The controller is well designed and sports a sturdy look to attract the gamers to take it on their hands.


  • Logitech Rumblepad 2:

    Logitech is a good name in the controllers and has provided some best controllers for gamers raising the experience of gaming. Rumblepad 2 from Logitech is an example the perfection served by the company providing the gamers the features and characteristics just expected from an efficient controller.


  • Gtron Retro USB Super Classic:

    Classic things are never old just the perspective for it changes; the same thing applies to Gtron Retro USB Super Classic controller. The controller sports a retro SNES look providing you an antic feel while accessing it on your laptop and desktop to get the required gaming experience. It is compatible with Windows and Mac both offering the people high user ability to get the desired result.


  • Xbox One Controller:

    Just look at it the design and features of the controller will make your mouth wide open. Xbox One Controller has the best elements to allow the gamer to get an enhanced gaming experience. The person can easily connect it to their PC for accessing it while playing games on the system with ease and efficiency.


  • Logitech Gamepad F710:

    One more perfection from Logitech showcasing the commitment and performance of the company in producing gaming controllers. Logitech Gamepad F710 is a wireless PC controller allowing the gamer to enjoy the game on their system through sitting comfortably with the dualshock design.


  • Razor Sabertooth:

    Razor Sabertooth is a look of Xbox 360 having the similar design to the controller but contains some diverse characteristics to make the gaming experience more interesting. It feels comfortable in the hand and provides more efficiency while accessing it.

razor sabetooth

  • Sabrent Twelve Button USB Controller:

    Another contender having the characteristics for being worthy to provide competition to other controllers. The design of Sabrent Twelve USB Controller is simple and elegant providing the player to get best with the desired simplicity. It appeals people with the look and the feel on hand encountered while accessing it.


  • Logitech Gamepad F310:

    Logitech Gamepad F310 is a great gaming console providing the people to raise the gaming experience while playing the game on PC. The controller is made in a Dualshock design allowing the person to customize it through the options at a cheap price to justify the expectations of the player. It works easily and properly with the Windows desktop to provide an all-round performance to the player.


  • Classic USB SNES Controller:

    Retro is liked by many people and Classic USB SNES controller provides that to the person wanting a old efficient controller to play games on PC. It sports the classic SNES look for providing the gamer to remember of the old days when SNES was there with memories flashing back.

snes usb

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