Android is a place from where you can get all of your much needed apps and games. The Play Store offers millions of apps and games for various needs of its users. You can easily get entertained by playing different types of games, you can use all the productive apps and so much more are there to explore within an Android platform. If you owned an Android device, you can get better and better every time by exploring the Play Store. Today, we have managed to compile a list of top 10 best productivity apps for Android. Do follow the list, choose the apps and get them installed right away! Here’s the list with a proper Download links!

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Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Android

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great way to do all of Microsoft Office related tasks within an Android. The app is simply brilliant and gets you the best of productive work on the go. You can easily upload your files to the Google Drive and can easily use them from whenever at anytime. Google Docs is available for free and now can be installed on a smartphone as well. Google Docs’ app is available for free to download. Get it now!

Download Google Docs for Android

2. Evernote


Work everywhere and stay productive with the most popular Productivity app Evernote. The app has millions of downloads and people do actually like how it works. Evernote lets you add the important notes, photos, documents and much more to the place so that you can get them from anywhere. The app syncs with all of your devices including the PCs versions. Evernote for Android is now available for free and you can install it from the below given link.

Download Evernote for Android


Capture ideas, things to do, and collaborate with the people around the World with, world’s most popular Productivity app to keep track of your personal to-do lists. The app has millions of its users and is available for various smartphone platforms. Follow the link mentioned below to install app on a respective Android device.

Download for Android

4. Today Calendar

Today Calendar

Today Calendar is one of the best productive apps available in Play Store for your Android. The app offers a huge list of features to keep you productive. Over 7 different calendar views, weather forecasting with maps, customizable widgets, various themes to change the background, polished animations and what not! Go ahead and install this app to your Android by following the below given download link.

Download Today Calendar for Android

5. Dropbox


Dropbox is one stop for all of your very important documents and other files. Dropbox is a cloud storage app where you can store your important files and documents easily. The app syncs automatically and works at its best on various devices. Dropbox works on a smartphone and PCs. You can download Dropbox for Desktop, place items to Dropbox’s folder and get them from anywhere with the same username and password. How amazing that is! Fortunately, the app is available for free and you can install it by following the link mentioned below.

Download Dropbox for Android

6. Snapseed


Snapseed is a complete unique photography app which is there to make your photography experience better. The app is compatible with all types of Androids and works fluently on all of them. This powerful photo editing tool helps you to get a complete professional touch to your photos. The app carries all the basic photography features with a set of advanced ones as well. This app is available for free and you can download it now for your Android, click out the link!

Download Snapseed for Android

7. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager is the most popular File Manager app available for your Android. The app has millions of users globally. Android doesn’t offer any type of File Manager app on its devices. For that reason, we all have to install a proper File Manager app to explore the items stored in our device. Follow the below mentioned link and download this app now!

Download ES File Explorer File Manager for Android

8. Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile

Access all of your important documents from anywhere with the pocket Microsoft Office Mobile app. This brilliant app works on all types of Androids and allows you to open all the Microsoft Office related documents within an Android. You don’t need to have any other additional software or app installed on your device, just Microsoft Office Mobile only. The app is available for free and you can install it by following the link given below!

Download Microsoft Office Mobile for Android

9. CamScanner


Get ready to explore World’s No. 1 mobile document scanning and sharing app with over 100 million installs in more than 200 countries, CamScanner. CamScanner scans your documents and allows you to export the files with different formats. You can even cut, crop the captured items as well. This brilliant app has got a huge number of useful features like mobile scanner, quick search, share PDF / JPEG files with one single tap and much more. The app is available for free and can easily be installed from the following link.

Download CamScanner for Android

10. App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore

Take a good backup of all the data stored on your Android and Restore them anytime with App Backup & Restore. The app lets you store backup files to your SD card. User can even share apps and games between two devices with the Wi-Fi connection. You can Restore the backup files anytime from the SD Card. In order to uninstall apps from the device, there’s a Quick Uninstalling features available inside the app. This is one of the must have apps for your Android if you do take care of the data stored in your device. The app is available for free and compatible with all types of Androids. You can easily install it from the following link. Just click out the link and get it installed now!

Download App Backup & Restore for Android

Top 10 Best Productivity Apps for Android
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