There are two of the most popular smartphone platforms available at this present moment, Android and iOS. Of course, Android is more popular than iOS in terms of everything as Android has more apps and games than iOS, Android is an open source platform and much like this. A number of such features make Android the best than any other Smartphone Platforms available. Talking about apps, Android’s Play Store and iOS’ App Store do offer numerous apps, most of them are available on both the platforms which means you can download a particular app on an Android device and an iOS device as well. In addition, Top 10 Exclusive Android Apps that are not available for iPhone are enlisted here in the following report. Keep on checking the list and get a shiny new Android device with these exclusive Android Apps from the list! 

Top 10 Exclusive Android Apps that Are Not Available for iPhone (2015)

1. AirDroid


Ever wondered of managing things of your Android from a PC? AirDroid allows you to take a dig of your Android smartphone from a PC wirelessly from anywhere. Yes, it’s now possible to manage your smartphone from anywhere with AirDroid. This exclusive app is only available for Android users. The app has been upgraded and available for free to make use of it. Get all the official details about this app and get it installed from the following link to your Android device.

Download AirDroid for Android

2. SwipePad


SwipePad is a faster productivity tool allows you to switch apps on the go. This launcher has got a huge list of advanced features to get you the best of your Android device. You can merge the apps, can launch them instantly from the homescreen, add them into the widget of your display and do a lot of such useful things to get done things within your time bound. Go and get this app now!

Download SwipePad for Android

3. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep keeps everything on remind. You can explore the whole world without missing anything. The app notes down everything on the go and you can get everything back by using this app. Add notes, lists, photos and much more things on Google Keep them on the track. Share instant ideas with your friends and manages things easily within this app. Google Keep is a must have tool for your Android device which is available for free now. You can get it from the below link easily.

Download Google Keep for Android

4. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app which gently refreshes your homescreen each day with an adorable wallpaper. The app is compatible with Android’s wearable devices as well and you can use it on any Android device in order to make your device look more beautiful. Alternatively, you can even choose your own photos and can place them in the list to get changed every single day. The app is available for free and you can download it from the following link.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper for Android

5. HoverChat Free

HoverChat Free

HoverChat Free is a messaging app which allows you to keep the conversation on even if you are using a different app. The app looks all adorable with its simple user interface and you instantly can make use of it on your device. The app actually replaces your stock SMS app with a complete new interface. You can share emojis to express yourself as well. HoverChat Free is free and you can get it from the below link.

Download HoverChat Free for Android

6. Cover Lock Screen

Cover Lock Screen

Cover Lock Screen offers the fastest way to get the right app works for you. Now easily access the right apps by managing it for once only. You just need to arrange the apps for one time and the app will do the rest. You can even jump on to the right app from the homescreen instantly. The app is all smart and gets you the best user interface in order to change the background. Get it downloaded now!

Download Cover Lock Screen for Android

7. Light Flow Lite

Light Flow Lite

Ever wondered of taking control of your notification’s LED light? Well, Light Flow Lite apps now manages the things easily whenever you receive a notification on your device. The app controls the LED light and you can customize the whole app easily as it has a simple user interface to take on! Download it now from the following link!

Download Light Flow Lite for Android

8. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager is the best file manager app which is available for free for all types of Android Smartphones. Now manage the whole of your Android’s data on the go by using this ES File Explorer File Manager app. The app has got the simplest user interface where you can easily cut, copy, rename, paste files. You can sort out things by using an appropriate option as well. This is an essential app and you can get it easily by clicking the following link.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager for Android

9. Sky Map

Sky Map

Sky Map is all about knowing the right position of all the available planets and famous stars. The app works well and you can easily view the exact place of the planets by their names and distances within this app. It’s amazing and gets you the best interface while using it. Download it from the following link now!

Download Sky Map for Android

10. Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser is a time saving browser which is only available for Android users. The app does offer a unique interface where you just need to click on a link, the app will load that link in the background so you need not to keep on waiting for it. Once the link gets loaded, you can explore it by choosing it on the go. You can even load multiple links at the same time within this browser. It gives you the best experience and you’ll definitely going to like it for sure. Get it now!

Download Link Bubble Browser for Android


Top 10 Exclusive Android Apps that Are Not Available for iPhone (2015)
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