Are you using an iPhone? Do you like to know some of the exclusive apps that Android’s Play Store doesn’t have? I’m sure you too are waiting for something unique to be explored after all it’s all about your phone’s value. Not everyone uses an iPhone and for the very same reason you might want to explore something more on it. Recently we have updated a list of top 10 Exclusive Android Apps that are not available for iPhone. Now, today you are going to see the exact opposite list with Top 10 Exclusive iPhone Apps that are not available for Android. Do follow the below given list and get those apps installed now! 

Top 10 Exclusive iPhone Apps that Are Not Available for Android 2015

1. Humin – Phone and Contacts App

Humin - Phone and Contacts App

Humin is your personal Phone and Contacts app that lets you get what you actually think of your friends and other available contacts in your phonebook. Just search the way you think and the app will get you the list according to your search. You need not to write down the words in order to search the contacts. The app searches your contacts according to your natural thoughts, find that small world around you within this app. The app automatically clean up your contacts without lifting a finger. Humin is available for iPhone only and can be installed on your device from the official iTune’s page which is given below. Go and get it now!

Download Humin – Phone and Contacts App for iPhone

2. Paper


Paper is an exclusive app which is only available for iPhone users. The app is for readers who always want to share and read something exciting along with the friends. Paper does offer a great view of all the articles which are being shared and go popular. You can get the full screen view to load them well so that you can easily read them out. The app allows you to browse the story from your own Facebook wall. You can even customize your paper with different works and spreadsheets according to your use. Use simple and natural movements to explore the most of it within your device on the go. Kindly follow the below link and get the app downloaded on your device from there.

Download Paper – Stories from Facebook for iPhone

3. Union


Union is undoubtedly the best app for Photography. If you do like to explore more of your photos and its relevant things, Union looks quite an essential app for you. The app is all about recreating a whole new photo by changing its background and colours within a set of different gestures and shapes. You can load an image in background with solid colour and layout, you can even erase effectively added data from the app as well. In other words it’s a complete professional tool which has got a decent user interface for everyone. The app is a paid one and you can get it from the below link easily.

Download Union – Masking and Blending for iPhone

4. Steller


Steller is an exclusive social networking app allows you to share your stories with your loved ones. Within this app, you can actually share stories in different ways like texting, photos, videos and much more. Simply create beautiful multi page stories by using photos, videos and much more. You can even discover and follow the stories shared by your friends within this app as well. Steller is a free app and you can download it on your iPhone by clicking the below given link.

Download Steller for iPhone

5. LoungeBuddy


Do you travel a lot? LoungeBuddy is made for you. The app displays all Airport loungers with over 500 different and busiest Airports. With this app, you can easily purchase Lounges from your Airport. You can instantly manages things within this application. The app allows you trip management, Lounge specification and much more things on the go. Try it out now!

Download LoungeBuddy for iPhone

6. Camera+


Camera+ is a professional Photography app allows you to build a great professional image within the captured images of your device. The app lets you capture images with full Zooming mode, you can add filters and can apply various things on it. You will get a bunch of additional features to make the most of this app on the go. Camera+ application is a paid one and you can get it from the below given link for your iPhone by clicking the below given official link.

Download Camera+ for iPhone 

7. Kickstarter


Kickstarter is all about working together for a project to get it done. The app is widely popular over the globe where people can easily get their best ideas and serve their services for relevant people. The app is funding everything from art, to new games, innovative technologies, Oscar-winning documentaries, and much, much more on the go. With this app, you can discover new projects, can view projects videos and get updates regularly. You can view all the data of your current project and its progress on as well. You can share what you want easily.

Download Kickstarter for iPhone

8. Figure


Figure is a fun music making app available for iPhone. The app has got a decent user interface with which you can easily create your own music file within three minutes. Make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth and play it up using your fingers. The app offers numerous tweaks and tips as well. Get it if you do like to hang around with music.

Download Figure for iPhone

9. Manual


Manual is a popular camera app having a list of advanced features to add professional touch on your photos. Take control of the Shutter, ISO, White balance, Focus, Exposure Compensation and much more within the app. You can customize everything easily within this app and it gives you the best of photography on the go.

Download Manual for iPhone

10. Next Glass

Next Glass

If you do like to try out different drinks then this app is made just for you. The app lets you get personalized beer and wine recommendations that use science and technology to predict how much you’ll enjoy any bottle. You can even scan any bottle’s label easily and the app will get you all the details about that particular drink. It’s just amazing and available for free. Grab it now!

Download Next Glass for iPhone

Top 10 Exclusive iPhone Apps that Are Not Available for Android 2015
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