Microsoft Office (MS Office) is a dominant application and widely used software when it comes to word processing, text documents along with many other related workings. A majority of people use it to formulate the text documents, presentations and spreadsheets due to performance along efficiency delivered by it to them there in it for years unchanged and unaltered. The main thing concerned with this brilliant document producer is that the price and the purchase nature of the app, one has to purchase it to avail the services of the app. Rather being a good investment many people don’t want to spend money on it; we have some top 10 free MS Office alternatives for Windows to have several similar apps free of cost. See the list given below.


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Top 10 Microsoft Office Alternatives for Windows:

  • Google Docs:

    A tough competitor of MS Office and a great alternative to the app, it is a web based app and is gaining popularity with the passing days due to the features along with the convenience offered by it. Having a plain nice interface makes it a great app for professionals to create documents and other things.


  • SoftMaker FreeOffice:

    A free of cost document developer having the reliability and efficiency expected with the alternative of MS Office. It performs all the functions which you can do on MS Office and contains all the features of the app is somewhat similar to it. Having a user friendly app a person will find easiness while working on it along with assurance of the performance.


  • Libre Office:

    Libre Office is an open source and full featured suite for making office documents like spreadsheets etc. As a person has to perform all the business functions like presentation and many more with the performance and efficiency packaged in it. It is free of cost and keeps to the name along with standing on the expectation of the person.


  • Apache OpenOffice:

    Apache OpenOffice serves as the one of best alternatives of MS Office due to the functions, features and performance. The working and user interface of the app is close to MS Office proving to be a benefit for the person who has just stopped using MS Office. Being an open source app a developer can have various profits from the source.


  • Kingsoft Office:

    It serves as best apps having the same features and look as to its competitor MS Office. An affordable and useful document supporting tool which handles the docs with ease and comfort. The person using it will have the comfort just like MS Office no sort of trouble or problem will not be encountered by the person.


  • Zoho:

    It is similar to Google Docs and is web based document tool serving as a manager of docs, where the person can create, edit and organize their documents despite being of many types. It can be accessed from any part of the world and any person can have to use the services offered to them.


  • Abiword:

    Abiword serves as an open source document manager for people allowing them to have web processing software with a similar interface and performance of MS Office. You can download and install various plug-ins on the app to increase the performance of the document along with boosting the functionality.


  • SSuite Office:

    SSuite Office is a free of cost application for document processing having every tools to create presentations; developing spreadsheets along with several others to help a person to perform his/her business functions with ease and comfort. A simple interface to provide the user to access it with little knowledge in a compact package along with great performance.


  • Jarte:

    It is based on the WordPad engine and allows the user to create word documents with ease and perform in speed. Being compact in size and nature enabling the person to have a great word creator on their system.


  • KOffice:

    KOffice has the three main tools that any office suite offers to the public, it has word processor, spreadsheet formulator and a presentation developer. These three tools are efficient and function in standing upon the expectation made by you for them. It is free of cost and is based on open source platform to provide the user a great way of working.


Top 10 Free MS Office Alternatives for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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