Stock Photography serves as the source of images and photographs which are frequently approved for uses specific in criteria. Generally they are used in order to complete the requirements of the assignments creative in nature making the cost to be lowered as it avoids the employment of a photographer. These photos include peoples and are generated in studios through the usage of wide variety of models posing for the photos. Nowadays the stock photographs are available online on the World Wide Web and are there on the internet searchable databases which decreases the time consumption along increases the efficiency. There are several sites which deliver and offer people to get the stock photos without any trouble but among the large availability selecting the best is a complex task.

We have enlisted and figured out some free stock photo sites for this year 2015 which are good and brilliant in their working along with functioning. Through the list you will be able to use the best sites to access the stock photos of your choice.

stock photos

Top 10 Free Stock Photo Sites 2015:

  • Unsplash:

    Serving and providing the stock photos to the public free of cost in High Definition quality to make them to showcase every detail of the things present on the captured photo. In every ten days Unsplash adds 10 photos to make the site viewers to see more stocks photos of various genres.


  • Life of Pix:

    Life of Pix is a popular and renowned stock photos delivering site where the images present are in high resolution which are clear and have no copyright limitation. The photos are added to it weekly basis to increase their database and the people can select the one among the choices available.

life of pix

  • Death to the Stock Photo:

    Whether the name of the site may sound somewhat awkward but it has some brilliant and great captured stock photos serving to be fit according to your project. Death to the Stock Photo delivers the photos to your email which can be utilized for your blog, social networking site and etc.


  • Getrefe:

    Getrefe is one of the best stock photos providing sites and providing the service without any cost. The people can get the photos for the related project without any trouble or problem and high definition richen quality.


  • Superfamous:

    Want to encounter a site providing the searched stock photos in all new experience then you should visit Superfamous. It has categorized the photos in various genres in order to avoid the time consumption taken in searching the particular photo related to the project about the specific genre.


  • New Old Stock:

    New Old Stock is a site providing the stock photos free of cost to the public with a twist as it has some very classic photos divided in various classes. The people who want to collect the retro shot photos can visit the site without thinking twice as it delivers the service as expected by the user.


  • Compfight:

    The site is tailored as to enable the user to specifically locate the photos related to the project efficiently and properly. Many people are fond of the site due to the large availability of stock photos according to the keywords and serving as the photo search engine.


  • IM Free:

    IM Free serves as the collection of some good stock photos of free sources and are available for commercial use without spending any money. There are some licensing issues related to some stock photos so first read the license related to the particular photo.

im free

  • Foodies Feed:

    If you are foodie then this site is basically formulated and have the features for you. Foodies Feed has various stocks photos related to food and beverages which are beautifully captured along with are there in high resolution with each detailed shot beautifully.



    Want to have the stock photos having a unique and different content with some attractive content present then see this. provides high res photos to you whether you want to utilize them for personal or commercial use on your preference.


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