PDF is a worldly acknowledged file format used for representing documents and are widely used for files like bank reports, office circulars, news releases and many other manuscripts. People can view these files and documents through the help of a PDF viewers, allowing them to edit and see them on the system. There are several PDF viewer software present in the market for enabling the user to see the PDF file and the contents present in it. Among the various readers we have enlisted some for you.


Top Ten PDF Reader Software For Windows 7 /8.1 /8:

  • Adobe Acrobat: With no argument, it is the most accessed and great PDF viewer available for Windows operating system. An interesting fact about this software is this that it comes from the minds which have developed and formulated PDF files and has more than the ordinary features.


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  • PDF- XChange Reader: It is a good software allowing the user to browse their documents present in PDF format and can do simple remarks with doing drawings and typing text. It is small in size making it portable in working and use for wider functioning.


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  • Foxit: Want a light and small PDF viewer proving to be an alternative of Adobe Reader, then use Foxit reader for having some good and well polished features offered to user during the use of it. It is among the best PDF viewers present in the market.


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  • Nitro PDF Reader: Nitro PDF Reader is a free software having a brilliant user interface allowing you to work on it easily and with simple knowledge. It also allows the user to convert the PDF file into formats like into text, images and etc. User will enjoy will working on the software.


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  • Sumatra PDF: Another lightweight reader for people with a wide variety of characteristics enabling the PDF file to loaded on the system easier and faster than normal. It works on the system without any lag and makes the user to encounter a great speed while doing its working.


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  • Sorax: A free and basic features having PDF viewer is what Sorax has and offers to public. You can copy the text, zoom on it and see the content through various modes present in it. Sorax is a good alternative foe the Adobe Reader and makes up to the expectations of the user.


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  • Expert: As the name says, it is an expert in PDF viewing and editing making the user to experience something better than usual offered and present in the other software. You can also add sign the PDF file and make it to have a personal feel.


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  • MuPDF: A super fast and light PDF viewer making top reduce the burden on the system and running on the desktop smoothly with no trouble while functioning.


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  • Nuance: Different from others in function and features, you can do search of the word you want to see in the content present in the PDF file. It allows the user to understand the searched text more deeply and clearly than while reading the whole content.


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  • Perfect PDF Reader: It is an outstanding PDF reader with features slightly different from others. Allowing the user to do bookmarking, select text and many more.


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Top 10 PDF Reader Software for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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