Everyone has the passion of capturing and recording the scene around them and share them with the people to show their passion. There is a benchmark in video recording stating that no matter how costly your video recorder or camera is and how talented are you in using the equipment, the captured footage will be not decent and will need some improvements. We have listed some video editing apps for you and providing you the tool for making the video best.

Video Editing Tools For Windows 7/8 and 8.1:

  • Avidemux:

    It is a small application for editing the videos, despite being small in size it has the capability and credibility needed as well as expected by you. You can cut a clip from one video and attach it to another video file. There is an online wiki present for making you acknowledge how to use the app.


  • Windows Movie Maker:

    Windows has made the application for providing the people the easiness and comfort while using the application. It is simple in use and you can add various soundtracks in the video. You can also directly upload the video to YouTube after saving the edited video.


  • VSDC Video Editor:

    VSDC Video Editor is a professional video editor giving you in-depth features for editing the video and making it a masterpiece. You can edit any video codec and formats making it a good choice among the other video editor present in the market.

Video editor

  • VirtualDub:

    It is an all-in-one application having the features for removing the small imperfection present in the raw footage and converting into a decent video with a professional appeal.


  • VideoPad Video Editor:

    The application is designed to make people to have the tool needed for creating their video unique and attractive. It is an intuitive and fully featured video editor and has the efficiency of creating a professionalized video in a matter of time.


  • Kate’s Video Toolkit:

    Kate’s Video Toolkit is a good and renowned video editing application providing the basic and useful features needed for editing the video. You can create a good sequence of videos by cutting and joining them along with uploading a soundtrack in it.

Kate's Video editor

  • Pinnacle 12:

    It is an easy-to-operate application offering editing functionality and some additional special effects for making the video a professional one with the appeal expected by you. It has some great artistic effects and audio features for enhancing the video quality.


  • Lightworks:

    Lightworks is a professional video editor and is used many professional video editors for making their work the best. The application has been used in films like Mission Impossible, Raging Bull etc due to the efficiency offered by it to the user and working of the app is brilliant when compared to other video editors.


  • Stupeflix:

    It is a great application offering you some cool filters and effects for customizing the video according to your preference and editing it for perfection. You can upload your edited videos to social networking sites for sharing purposes.


  • Wax:

    Wax is a basic video editing tool offering you to edit your recorded video by adding some phenomenal 2D and 3D effects. It is simple to use and the end resultant video is great.



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