Grand Theft Auto V is a great open world adventure action game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games available for multiple platforms. The game itself says a lot about which people have experienced from the previous versions contain a large number of characteristics for hardcore gamers. From the day of its official release the game has produce and created a huge fan following which can be seen through the fact about more than 53 million copies of the game till now are being purchased by people till now which is increasing with the passing days.

The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V is considered the best by numerous people offering them to encounter the mind-blowing gaming experience. But there is something more which can provide you to get more of the game and making you think that you have ain’t seen nothing yet. There are certain mods present for your Grand Theft Auto V aiming you to increasing your gaming experience and offering a lot of fun encountered while playing it on your desktop and laptop. Here is the list of top 5 best Grand Theft Auto V PC Mods for you.


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Top 5 Best Grand Theft Auto V PC Mods:

  • The Car Cannon: It might be sound crazy but this mod is available for GTA V PC players allowing the player to shoot more than one cars from the front of this gun from the Car Cannon The bullets are replaced from actual cars in your run, imagine you takeout someone by shooting an ambulance or a police car right into their face.
  • Underwater Los Santos: Underwater Los Santos mod completely submerged the Los Santos city present on GTA V in water. The whole city infrastructure is underwater and you will be driving, walking along with killing inside the water. This mod offers the player to explore the waterworld which is unique and outstanding every sense.

Grand Theft Auto V_tsunami

  • Open All Interiors: GTA V is there in the market for a long time and a large number of people might have finished the game. There are many places which are left for exploring but the main problem is that we are not able to pass through the doors as they are locked. Open All Interiors allows the player to go into the locked buildings and areas where you were not able to go with ease.
  • Snow: You must have seen many seasons on GTA V while playing it on your desktop or laptop but you must not have seen the snow fall. With this mod you can easily see and encounter snowy season on the game increasing the fun experienced while playing it.
  • Pedestrian Chaos: Pedestrian Chaos mod makes the people walking on the streets to perform rampages, killing each other with guns and many other things resulting to a riot. Every person present in the city is armed with weapons and dangerous going to war along with the cops have disappeared from the scene.


The list contains only some from the hundreds of mods available for Grand Theft Auto V which can be downloaded from the internet, if you don’t like the list then you get other than this from sites like GTA5 mods etc.

Top 5 Best Grand Theft Auto V PC Mods
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