A Chromebook is a laptop running the Google’s Chrome OS which is based on the Linux kernel developed to work with web based applications and apps coming pre-installed in it. The most of the data is resides in the cloud which requires the all-time internet connectivity providing the users more space on the laptop to work efficiently as they want to. When connected to the internet users are able to utilize applications offered by Google like Gmail, Google Calendar etc, which can also be accessed in offline mode. Chromebook also contains several offline apps along with online ones as to provide the users the functionality needed to perform the working as needed by them.

The pre-installed photo editor present on the Chromebook is pretty simple and basic containing only a handful enhancing and editing tools in order to tweaking the image making the user to get a limited options for editing the photo. Due to the default photo editor on it the users are unavailable to perform image editing as they want to, but there are several cloud-based editors and offline photo editors which are available through the help of Chrome Web Store. Today we have the list of top 5 best photo editors for your Chromebook.


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Top 5 Best Photo Editors for Chromebook:

  • Pixlr Editor: Talking about the best photo editor for Chromebook then Pixlr Editor is the tool which will come up at first every time. Pixlr Editor containing the powerful features available and offers the user to get the characteristics to edit the image as wanted by him/her. The main flaw with the application is the availability of it as only web based which means you have to be connected to internet to access it online.

Pixlr editor

  • BeFunky Editor: BeFunky Editor is an awesome photo editor containing the expected tools and features for allowing the person to access it to create a brilliant edited image through it. It contains a lot of elements present in it to make the editing process fun and enjoyable for you developing a great masterpiece from it.


  • Sumo Paint: A lot of people will be surprised Sumo Paint on the list but it contains a lot of specifications which is at par on comparing it with Pixlr Editor. It also aids the users to discuss problems and share their innovative ideas regarding the tool and its offered features.


  • Polarr: Polarr is a feature-richen photo editing tool offering the user to open RAW images easily and edit it into a high-detail image with less means. If you’re a photographer searching for the tool to edit your photos from digital cameras by adjusting color settings then it is a great tool for you.


  • iPiccy Photo Editor: iPiccy is a pretty neat photo editor offering you image editing means and serves as good tool for editing photos to be posted on social networking sites like Instagram etc. The tool is great in use and offers good user experience to the person using it.


Top 5 Best Photo Editors for Your Chromebook
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