Who doesn’t like to listening to their favourite music? I mean everyone do like to spend their time by listening to their favourite songs from different artists and composers. If you are engaging with music and its creation, there are numerous apps available on the both the smartphone platforms, Android and iOS. You can instantly get your favourite Android and iOS apps from here. Top Android Apps and iPhone Apps for DJs and Music Producers are here. Grab them out now! 

Top Android Apps and iPhone Apps for DJs and Music Producers

Top Android Apps for DJs and Music Producers

1. DJ Studio 5 

DJ Studio 5

Dj Studio 5 is a free, powerful app cum tool allows you to create and make your own music in your own style. It enables you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music instantly. The app has got all the advance features which are essential to remix your music. Interestingly, the app is available for free and can be downloaded from the official page for free.

Download DJ Studio 5 from Google Play Store

2. edjing


edjing gives you all the power to enjoy unlimited music by engaging with Millions of songs on board. It even allows you the full access of exploring soundcloud onboard. User can prepare a playlist and do hell lot of things within this app. You can export your songs easily as well. edjing is available free and you can get it downloaded from its official Google Play Store’s page for free.

Download edjing from Google Play Store 

3. Party Mixer 

Patry Mixer

Party Mixer allows you to play two different tracks at the same time. User can make use of this software according to his needs. You can even mix up different tracks by using various buttons and much more. You can change tempo, bit and much more from within the app as well. Download Party Mixer and get all the useful information from the below link.

Download Party Mixer from Google Play Store

4. Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free app allows you all the premium DJ features to use for free. This incredible app has got plenty of things to be explored within a smartphone. It has simple yet an intuitive user interface so that even a newbie can use this software easily. If you want a complete professional app to mix up music, Cross DJ Free looks just perfect. Go down and grab it now!

Download Cross DJ Free from Google Play Store

5. DJ Lobo

DJ Lobo

Leave your frustration apart and get engaged with DJ Lobo, the most interesting DJ app available for your Android smartphone and tablet for free. The app is incredibly advanced with all the innovative features to mix up your own music. You can listen to various tracks and can create your own personal playlists as well from within the app. Download this stunning app from the following link.

Download DJ Lobo from Google Play Store

Top iPhone Apps for DJs and Music Producers

1. DJ Mixer 3

DJ Mixer 3

DJ Mixer 3 is the latest and most popular music mixer app available for your iOS device. If you are looking for an advanced music mixer app for your iPhone, DJ Mixer 3 is there for you. The app is absolutely for free and offers a list of advanced features to mix up your music by trying new things on board. Add new effects, mix up things, set the tempo, change the bit and much more right from the app. Download this amazing DJ Mixer 3 app for your iPhone right from the following given link.

Download DJ Mixer 3 from iTunes

2. Audiophile


Audiophile serves you the best of music within your iPhone. The app offers a whole new different place to enjoy your favourite music. User can mix up songs by adding additional effects as well. You can quickly start plying different tracks from the device, create your own playlist, get engaged with different music and live up. Audiophile is for free and you can download it for free for your iPhone. Following link will help you in downloading this app from the itunes.

Download Audiophile from iTunes

3. Cross DJ

Cross DJ iTunes

Cross DJ is the most popular DJ Mix up app which is available not only for iPhone but it’s widely popular over the Android platform as well. The app has got millions of its proud users who have been using and creating different types of music within the app. The app has got all the features to mix up music. Add effects and try out different things within this software. Sync the app with your other device and go advance with Music. Download Cross DJ for your iPhone by following the below given official iTunes’ link.

Download Cross DJ from iTunes

4. Virtual DJ 

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is undoubtedly the best DJ software available for your iOS device. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well. Virtual DJ is popular and widely available for different smartphone platforms and different PCs as well. Virtual DJ allows you to customize your own music by adding various effects while the songs are being played. You can instantly manage different musics from the app and can add your own tracks as well. Mix up music and make everyone amazed by showing off your talent with this decent DJ Mixing app. Download Virtual DJ from the official page.

Download Virtual DJ from official site

5. Edjing

Edjing iPhone

Discover your own music with Edjing, the most popular and of course the advance music editing software available for Android and iOS platform. The app gives you the power to exchange your music with this app. You can add your tracks and apply various things on it to make a complete different music out of this app. Edjing has millions of songs for different people. The app allows you to share your own music with your loved friends on different social networks as well. Go premium by using it online and get a test of its incredible features for free. Download it now!

Download Edjing for iPhone from the official Site


Top Android Apps and iPhone Apps for DJs and Music Producers
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