iTunes is a widely acclaimed and popular media player having the features of serving as media library along with being mobile manager application for Apple mobiles. The application is formulated and developed by the technology innovation company Apple to provide the users a platform to listen, play download along with manage their music and videos on desktops and laptops. It has an inbuilt store where the person can purchase along with do the download of various music, videos, television series, audio books, movies and several other items on their systems. Having great features it has been one of the best media managers making the people to customize their playlists.

The application came into existence in 2001 and with years passing by it has evolved with some new adjustments along with features to provide the public a media organizer like none. The renowned application has some drawbacks making the user to face disappointment and unable to get the full experience expected by him/her while accessing it. Here we have some top iTunes Alternatives for Windows having the same features but with distinctive presentation and providing you to have a better option than the media player with the efficiency and performance expected from it.


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Top iTunes Alternatives for Windows:

  • MediaMonkey:

    It is a good alternative for iTunes providing you to have the same functionality to perform your operations like managing the media content files along with organizing them for playing them whenever you want to. MediaMonkey can play music files of various contents like FLAC, APE and several extra.


  • MusicBee:

    A worthy app having the capability and features to be the ultimate option for people who want to use an iTunes alternative. You can transfer huge amount of files from the PC to iPod on Windows operating system, has the browser to connect with internet to get more files of your choice.


  • Foobar2000:

    Talking about the best alternatives of iTunes then the list can’t complete without naming Foobar2000 as it is a compact and light application serving the same purposes as iTunes. You can synchronize your iPod and manage your media contents easily along with comfortably with it on Windows for having a great time.


  • Songbird:

    Songbird is a great alternative of iTunes having its supportability on various operating system makes it widely accessible and it also has the capability of playing various audio formats like MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless etc. Customize the application through several skins which add attractiveness along with uniqueness to the media player.


  • Amarok:

    Amarok is an open source media player serving as good means of options present in the market for the people who want to discontinue the use of iTunes and want something other than it. The person using it can organize and manage the music files with ease, comfort and efficiency with promised performance delivered by the music player.


Top iTunes Alternatives for Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
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