Android has open source feature allowing the user to customize their smartphone or tablet running on the mobile OS according to their preference. The process of customizing the device according to the wants is known as Rooting performed by many people allowing them to access them the device on their choice. Rooting is not an easy process as it has the disadvantage of bricking the device and making it to just be a showpiece if anything goes wrong during the process. But if you made through the process clearly then you can next to anything from the device as you expected from it after the rooting procedure.

Basically the process of rooting needs the desktop/laptop for sending in the ADB commands to the USB connected smartphone or tablet for aiding and performing the rooting procedure. The rooting process is unable to be fully complete without a system as to send the commands are important to initiate the process. But not anymore we have got a tip aiding you to root your Android smartphone even if you don’t have a system for connecting the device. TowelRoot is an application allowing you to root your smartphone with the ease and comfort you wanted. The application is been launched George ‘Geohot’ Hotz for Android 4.4.4 KitKat users allowing them to root their phone without any other means.


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TowelRoot APK Download:

TowelRoot generally supports all Android devices and allows the Android users to root the device with just a tap on the app. The application provides the users to perform the root just as simple they do when they install on any other app and run it on the smartphone. The need of root management app is need to manage the root asking applications. TowelRoot is an efficient and properly function root aiding application which has been reportedly not bricked any Android device till now. You will be able to root your phone as you expected and access it just like you want.

TowelRoot APK Download

Step 1:

Before continuing you need to know that the rooting device will void your phone’s warranty and the application is not tested on Motorola, HTC devices so there is no sort of proof that they work on the phones from these manufactures.

Step 2:

You can download the app from your device also from your computer as preferred by you. If you perform the download, then don’t worry about the safety of the link as it secure for performing the download. The file is small in size making the download to be completed in just a second.


Step 3:

Make sure you have allowed Unknown Sources option in the device to able the installation of the app to run and complete. Open the application after you have installed to perform the rooting process. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to root the device.

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