Android and iOS are fierce competitors serving as the world’s utmost mobile operating system platforms there are many people who die-hard fans of each OS. Many people love iOS smartphones and others love the Android smartphones both being popular due to the distinctive features and offerings. Known by all that Android is developed by Google and iOS is formulated by Apple standing as pioneers in technological industry introducing innovations through their works. The main problem faced by a person is when he/she switches from an Android phone to iPhone / iPad for transferring the contacts.

Various people switch from Android to iPhone and want to transfer contact list from their Android smartphone to iPhone. It is an annoying aspect of changing phones which requires a lot of time in order to transfer each and every contact from the old phone to new one. Now we can share the transfer contacts from Android Phone to iPhone easily without any problem or trouble through several methods. These methods aids the user to save the time consumption encountered in the transfer process. The switchover from Android phone to iPhone or iPad may contain various reasons like their preference, new experience etc.


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Transferring Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone / iPad easily:

Transfer of contacts from Android to iPhone can be done through the help of several methods which allows you to lessen the time consumption taken while transferring them one by one. The process involved while doing the transfer is pretty simple and has no sort of complication to make you in order to avoid it. We have some methods aiding you to transfer contacts from Android Phone to iPhone / iPad easily.

Method 1: Saving them On SD Card:

Open the Contacts on your Android Smartphone and then go to Import / Export. On the Copy contacts from, tap on the preferred option and choose SD Card on the Copy Contacts to option. Then click OK on Confirm Export box. The contacts will be saved in External SD card with the ending .vcf, open your SD Card and search for the file ending with .vcf.


Long tap on it and choose share option, then select the share through Gmail. Once you have mailed yourself the saved contacts file. Now go to the Mail app on the iOS device, check the latest mail with the attached .vcf contact file and download it on the device. Tap on it after the download and a box will appear stating to Add the contacts in iOS device.

Method 2: Through Third party Apps:

There are several apps aiding you to share and transfer your contacts from Android phone to iPhone / iPad.


Apps like Copy My Data and AT&T Mobile Transfer are available for both mobile operating system (Android & iOS) helping the user to get the contacts transferred for old smartphone to iOS without any trouble or problem.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to iPhone / iPad Easily
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