Files present on the system are important for the user as it has the workings done by the user upon the operating system. Windows is a popular and widely used operating system on personal computer also known as PC; the computer mainly used the operating system due to the efficiency and performance offered by it. People have helped Microsoft (developers of Windows operating system) in making the significant mark in the world where it is at present. Windows operating system has various features for people making it useful during working on it.

Transferring from one PC to another is good for increasing the productivity and acknowledge about the work done by you. The transfer of files and data is done as personal pleasure and for business both. There are many ways of transferring and sharing, but the common and effective one is sending through an Ethernet/LAN cable. It can be done on latest to old age computers making a widely accepted medium of transfer. There are some steps to be followed for transferring and sharing between one PC to another.


Steps for Transferring Files from One PC to Another through LAN Cable:

Step 1:

Plug the Ethernet/LAN cable’s one end into one computer’s LAN port and another end into the computer’ LAN port from which the transfer and sharing process is done.

Step 2:

Restart the computers and ensure that they are the members of the similar ‘workgroup’. For ensuring open ‘My computer’ and navigate to ‘Workgroup’ present on the main screen of the page.

Step 3:

Then select and open the files you want to transfer and share, right-click on it and select the properties option. Then go to sharing tab and select the advanced sharing option.


Step 4:

On the Advanced Sharing option dialog box, select the Share this Folder and after this Permissions. The Permissions tab will open and there will Everyone listed on the group, if they are more than one users on the PC then leave it as it is.

Step 5:

If you don’t have more than one user on the system then remove it and click on Add option. The Select users or Group dialog box will prompt up, type the object names in the object type and the location in the locations box along with selecting the Check Names option. Hit OK after doing this process.

Step 6:

Share and transfer the files by right clicking on the file wanting to share.


Step 7:

Open the Control Panel through Start Menu and select Network and Sharing Center for starting the transferring process. Click and open the icon name Unidentified Network present in the Network and Sharing window page.

Step 8:

A window will pop-up for changing the network and file sharing settings, after this open select the option ‘Turn on network discovery’. Then type the administrator password for the sharing process between the PC’s and hit enter.

How to Transfer Files from One PC to Another with LAN Cable
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