Everyone dreams of using a Mac system. If you already have got one, you might have been using it with a complete pleasure. Being a Mac user, I have faced many problems while exploring different things inside the system. Initially, I was not able to copy or paste any items to my Pen Drive and other additional Flash Drives. Many of our readers have the same question that they are unable to paste to Flash Drives in Mac OS X. I have created a complete tutorial with proper snapshots to get it fixed. Kindly follow the below given steps and fix with this issue.

Unable to Paste to Flash Drives in Mac OS X (Fixed)

Step 1 :

Open the dock of your Mac. If you don’t know how to open it, just scroll down your finger on to the Mouse pad and you’ll find it from there.

Step 2 :

Open Applications folder which is given there. You would be presented with all the available apps in your mac with proper icons.

Step 3 :

Scroll it down and select Utilities icon. You can follow the below given image for more information.

Unable to Paste to Flash Drives in Mac OS X 4

Step 4 :

From the Utilities menu, kindly select the Disk Utility option given there.

Unable to Paste to Flash Drives in Mac OS X 1

Step 5 :

In the disk utility menu, you would see different options with the available drives in your left side bar. If you have inserted an additional flash drive, it would be right there. Follow the image given below.

Unable to Paste to Flash Drives in Mac OS X 2

Step 6 :

Select the available Flash Drive with proper name and in the main Window you would see some more useful options of that Flash Drive. Make sure to select the Erase button given there.

Step 7 :

Click on to the Erase button and you would be warned about Erasing the drive. Make sure to select Erase option when asked.

Unable to Paste to Flash Drives in Mac OS X 3

Step 8 :

The available Flash Drive will be Formatted and you will be able to copy and paste items on the drive easily.

That’s all you have to do in order to fix the issue of copying files from the system to the Flash drive. If you are unable to do it even after following the above steps, kindly let us know by putting out your queries and questions into the comment section given below. We would definitely help you out with proper solution regarding your queries. Until then, stay tuned with us and get more such useful updates!

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