Facebook is now accessed by every person of different age groups due to the features offered by the social networking site to them. Through the site an individual can contact and communicate with other people being friends, colleagues, relatives or strangers along with having a good time while using the services of the site. People are fond of the services and features present in the social networking site, it is growing its popularity as the days are passing which can be measured with the fact that more than a million people are daily active on the site and share a large number of photos, videos and other contents.

In various places like schools, colleges, offices etc the social networking site is blocked to avoid the impact of the website on the productivity of the office personnel, students which will use/try to access Facebook at their quality time. The site is been blocked by the network provider/administrator and makes the people to get irritated as they are unable to get in touch with persons on Facebook after a hectic session/period. Many have tried to overcome the blocking barrier put up the school/college administration but failed as their efforts were all vain. But today we have the solution, fix or you can say a trick to unblock Facebook at School / College which can be done with the help of proxy.


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Unblocking Facebook at School / College with Proxy:

With this method you will be able to bypass the restriction made by the school / college on the use of Facebook in the premises. You will be access your account and will be able to connect with every friend or relative there on the social networking site. The proxy will serve as the middle man for connecting and the traffic present on the internet server, the only thing you will need is getting access to free proxy sites as there are many wanting your money as to fulfill your motive and perform their function.


Here Are Some Free Proxy Sites For You:

  • SecuriTales: It is a site allowing you to overcome the restrictions of the network and open the website of your choice which is been blocked by your administrator (network). SecuriTales will help you to access Facebook been blocked in the school/college computer room.
  • FilterbyPass: FilterbyPass is a free site allowing you to change the proxy of the internet server making you to surf anonymously. You can use the site for enabling to accessing the blocked site which is not allowed on your place, despite of the restrictions posed.
  • com: It is one of the best proxy sites available which is liked by many people due to the features allowed by it to them. HideMyAss.com allows you can interchange the proxy by hand and IP enabling you to have downloading stream-less.


These sites will help you to enable in using Facebook in the banned areas like schools / colleges.


How to Unblock Facebook at School / College with Proxy
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